Three powerful energy generators in Chernihiv

Energy for unbreakable Chernihiv

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Three powerful 50 kWt generators will now supply energy to the Chernihiv Regional Hospital, while courageous public services are restoring city utility networks! Russian airstrikes and rocket bombings and incessant shelling of Chernihiv have destroyed 70% of the city’s infrastructure, Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko confirmed. But Chernihiv stood up! And restores strength. And we will help.

These generators have their own history. This is a story of true partnership and support. And the story of our fastest project. Our reliable partners from the International Renaissance Foundation responded to our first request for help to Chernihiv. From the first conversation to the application and allocation of funds – three days, and it was a weekend (somewhere there is still such a word)! We immediately bought generators and the Armed Forces were ready to escort them to Chernihiv, under the endless shelling. But at night the ruSSians blew up the bridge over the Desna river, the way of life for Chernihiv. The military could not risk such an important cargo… And finally the generators are in place to produce energy and save lives!

Besides, we purchased fuel for generators and the surgeons also received powerful head lights.