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Azerbaijan: Focusing on economy


In September, the domestic policy of Azerbaijan remained stable. Country’s economy was rated as Top-20 Improvers in Doing Business Ranking of the World Bank. The country is strengthening its economic ties with Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

President Zelenskyy: 100 days on the way to full power?


The lack of power monopoly made Ukraine to stand out during all the years of independence. Presidents had to seek compromise with rebellious parliaments, taking into account interests of big business owners and searching for an approach to regional elites.

New government in Moldova: Test by compromise


The temporary coalition between the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) and ACUM bloc is a compromise decision, the overthrow of the oligarch regime being its main result.

Ukraine’s hot political summer


Summer 2019 proved to be quite intense when it came to politics in Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy significantly strengthened his political positions.  First Zelenskyy demonstrated phenomenal results winning the presidency, then pro-presidential political party “Servant of the People” followed up successfully winning snap parliamentary elections

What political changes bring for Moldova


(Українська) Лето стало испытательным периодом для нового коалиционного правительства во главе с М. Санду. Перед новой властью стоят отнюдь непростые, многоплановые задачи, решение которых требует политической мудрости, зрелости и взвешенности подходов.

Georgia: Freedom with barbed wire


This summer in Georgia saw aggravated tensions with Russia. The address to the Georgian Parliament made by a Russian MP spawned series of violent protests. In response Moscow banned passenger airline service to Georgia, challenging the tourist season, and accused Tbilisi of genocide of Ossetian people in 1920. 

Belarus: Rhetoric changes, the system doesn’t


Parliamentary elections are finally scheduled in Belarus. While the government is walking away from populistic rhetoric in its struggle for the hearts of the voters, nobody expects the parliamentary election to deliver systemic change.

Armenia’s difficult reforms


Reforms in Armenia continue, touching both foreign and domestic policies as well as economy. 

Azerbaijan: Human rights never a priority


(Українська) Азербайджан был активен на международной арене этим летом. Делегация Азербайджана посетила Первый Каспийский экономический форум, а Иран и Азербайджан приняли решение создать совместную промышленную зону для укрепления торговли между двумя странами. На внутренней повестке Азербайджана доминировали новые обвинения в уклонении от налогов против известной журналистки Хадиджи Исмаиловой