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Year 1 or Year 0 for Moldovan Politics?


June is already becoming a symbolic month for Moldovan politics. The country witnessed its first full year since the collapse of Vladimir Plahotniuc’s regime and the withdrawal of the Democratic Party from power.

Georgia: New System Elections to Come


The Parliament was finally able to adopt the long-awaited constitutional amendments and establish new game rules for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, Georgia was included in the list of few countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the EU.

Belarus: Wave of Repression at the Start of the Election Campaign


Hundreds of people were arrested and fined while the West criticizes the persecution of politicians and bloggers. In the new government, the security forces replaced the market-oriented staff.

Armenia’s Political Drama


Amid a worsening public health crisis over the continued spread of the coronavirus, the Armenian government launched a domestic political drama, targeting the leader of the parliament’s second-largest opposition party and completing planned restructuring of the country’s Constitutional Court.

Azerbaijan Condemns Police actions, both Russian and Domestic.


The actions of the local police while detaining those breaking lockdown rules in Baku resulted in public outrage. The same reaction followed in response to the violence shown by Russian forces to Azerbaijan citizens who cannot return to their homeland due to the lockdown and are forced to stay in a tent camp at the border with Dagestan.

June of High Level and Low Content


June 2020 was fruitful in events directly related to the Eastern Partnership policy development.

Ukraine: economic recession, threats to democracy and dynamic growth in relations with neighbors


This summer brought Ukraine not only the long-awaited heat but also quite hot news and developments. Domestic policy news includes failed government policy, prolongation of the so-called adaptive quarantine under late July and persecution of opposition political leaders.

Eastern Partnership News


The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Secretariat took part in a solidarity action to support Belarus, organised by the Member of European Parliament, Petras Austreviciuson, on 1 July.

EU helps EaP fight COVID-19


Even though  COVID-19 is spreading at different rates in the Eastern Partnership region, the impact of the pandemic on the economic development and the populations of the six EaP countries will have long term implications. The European Union and its Member States along with other countries announced their financial support and have sent their in-kind […]