Russian occupiers are using methods that violate the rules of war

A weekly video digest of russian war crimes in Ukraine

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The Russian occupiers are using methods that violate the rules of war. They attack civilian infrastructure, killing and injuring civilians, including children, and take actions that can have regional and international consequences. However this will not be forgotten, and everyone involved will pay the price and feel the consequences of their criminal deeds. 

9-15 May

 russia celebrates WWII Victory Day by bombing nearly every Ukrainian city
 Azovstal is hit by phosphorus bombs
 russians announce military conscription in Kherson

2-8 May

 Russia endangers world food security
 Russian army continues barrages of Ukrainian cities
 Russian military sew Ukrainian uniforms
 220 children killed by Russian militants, and 407 were injured

25 April – 1 May

❌ Concentration camps for Ukrainians on the occupied territories
☢️ russian nuclear terrorism
 bravery of Kherson

18 – 24 April

⚡️ Shelled evacuation roots
⚡️ Rocket strikes on Odesa
⚡️ Ruined infrastructure and trapped civilians

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