Nadiia Koval

member of the Board, Head of Central and Western European Studies

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holds a MA diploma in Political Science („European Studies“) of the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (2007) as well as a diploma of a non-degree post-graduate course in Political Science at the Eastern Studies Division at University of Warsaw (2008). She obtained a French government scholarship for a joint French-Ukrainian PhD program at the Institute of Foreign Languages and Civilizations (INALCO, Paris) and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. The thesis topic relates to comparative international reconciliation politics, treating the cases of Ukraine-Poland and Greece-Turkey, and the research is currently undergoing. Since 2012, Nadiia works at the Analysis and Information Department at the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Kyiv. She speaks English, French, Polish and Modern Greek.

Her professional interests revolve around:

  • international reconciliation and conflict resolution practices,
  • history, culture and politics in Central and Southeastern Europe
  • wide range of issues of Ukrainian and European foreign policy in general

Recent Publications

Catalonia`s choice: will victory of the separetists bring independence of the region

(Українська) Каталонські регіональні вибори мали остаточно поставити хрест на ідеї незалежності регіону. Принаймні, так планували в Мадриді.

“Nuclear option” for Warsow: how will end the confrontation between Poland and the EU

Польська правоконсервативна партія “Право і справедливість” (“ПіС”) прийшла до влади з планом реформ так званої “доброї зміни”.

Коval: Becouse of Education Low Hunggary will talk to Ukraine on ultimative language

(Українська) Венгрия поставила Украине ультиматум — она пригрозила НАТО. В частности, глава МИДа Венгрии Петер Сийярто заявил, что без отмены нового закона об образовании Украина не сможет сотрудничать с НАТО