Victoria Vdovychenko

associate expert on Italy’s foreign policy

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Associate Professor for Kyiv National Economic University, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine and Kyiv Borys Grinchenko University.

Victoria is also a Director of International Relations Division for online media portal “Ukrainian Interest” (  She is an associate expert for “Foreign Affairs” Journal (Ukraine) and “Europejska Pravda”. She collaborates with Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” in what concerns Italy’s foreign policy in the EU.

Victoria became also known as a founder of School of Good Governance: Advocacy project being awarded by Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (2015).

A number of her publications are related to the analysis of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine. Moreover, her research  interests are about EU member states and their analysis and impact on the EU level (for example, role of Italy and France in the European Union) in the context of the global security and economic challenges.

Research interests:
  • Italy’s foreign policy;
  • EU foreign policy;
  • European integration;
  • Euro-Atlantic integration;
  • Strategic communication.

Recent Publications