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New issue of the monthly analytical EaP Think Bridge Digest

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Security remains to be the key for all of the Eastern Partnership countries, without exception. Frozen, simmering and hot conflicts are the distinctive feature of the region as a whole.

New issue of the monthly analytical digest is precisely on this topic.

If, after the Russian intervention in Georgia in 2008, the West failed to learn the necessary lessons, today such lessons are again taught by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Where is the place of the region in the Moscow’s geopolitical integration projects? What instruments of a hybrid intervention does the Kremlin use in attacks, and not only against Ukraine? Where will Russia’s expansionist efforts go? Sergiy Gerasymchuk is looking for the answers to these and other security issues.

In April, with the risk of resuming the clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh, security issues become dominant for Armenia and Azerbaijan, where Russia sells military equipment to both sides of the conflict, while providing them with a platform for the diplomatic negotiations.

The main question in the expert environment of Belarus was: did the concessions in the security sphere come at a price of the economic agreements with Russia?

At the same time the Georgia’s agenda in April was dominated by the debate over the changes to the Constitution. The main stumbling block is the new electoral system. The change in the parliamentary electoral system was the top issue of the disputes yet with no results in Moldova as well.

These and other most important events of April in the Eastern Partnership countries are discussed in the traditional review of the month.

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