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Recommendations Concerning The Countermeasures Against “Pmc Wagner”

These recommendations were composed by the team of Russian and Belarusian Studies Program of Ukrainian Prism as a result of their research and expert discussion that took place in Kyiv on 24 May 2023. 

Wagner as a Tool of Russia’s Geopolitical Strategy

Wagner has gained increasing media attention in the last months due to its growing role in Russia’s war in Ukraine, especially in the frontline battles in the east of the country. How Wagner came about, who is behind it, and how its goals and strategy have evolved since its founding in 2014, are the questions addressed by this report.

Resilience of Civil Societies in the Eastern Partnership Countries

Assessment of promotion and enhancing reforms process by the EU in the countries of the Eastern Partnership within priority “Together for resilient, gender-equal, fair and inclusive societies”

Ukraine and Central Europe: Attitudes and Perceptions

This report sums up the result of an opinion poll conducted in Ukraine and 7 countries of Central Europe in October 2022. 

EU’s and Ukraine’s approaches to digital diplomacy in the geopolitics of technologies

Considering the increasing role of digital policy in the EU’s foreign policy, it is important for Ukraine to take best practices from the EU. Ukraine is an advanced digital country but it has not paid enough attention to making its digital policy serve its foreign policy priorities.

Resilient digital transformation in the Eastern Partnership region: State of play in 2022 and recommendations

The European Union remains a major partner for EaP countries in promoting digital transformation processes. This includes providing financial support for reform implementation through various projects and providing access to EU funding instruments, as well as promoting legislative improvements and innovations in digital sector.

Anatomy of “Wagner PMC”: creation, war in Ukraine and ways of countering the group

There is a lot of noise, myths and legends surrounding the “Wagner” mercenaries. Let’s try to figure out what or who is actually behind them, what is the real role of Prigozhin and what is the “PMK” capable of in the confrontation with the Ukrainian army.

Environmental and climate resilience in the Eastern Partnership region: stay of play in 2022 and recommendations

European Green Deal: how do Eastern Partnership states respond to the EU Standards? Strengthening energy security and nuclear safety: overcoming dependencies


The implementation of the Strategy of Foreign Policy of Ukraine needs adjustment on the part of small alliances.

Mission Possible? Accountable Institutions, the Rule of Law and Security in the Eastern Partnership

Assessment of promotion and enhancing reforms process by the EU in the countries of the Eastern Partnership within priority “Together for accountable institutions, the rule of law, and security”


The understanding of the concept of a feminist foreign policy remains quite limited in Ukraine today. It is mostly narrowed down to gender equality in the diplomatic service.

12 Lessons in 12 Months of Russian War

Commemorating one year of the Big War “Ukrainian Prism” experts suggest 12 lessons that Ukraine and the world should learn from these 12 months.