Sergiy Gerasymchuk

Deputy  Executive Director,
Regional Initiatives and Neighborhood Program Director 

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Deputy  Executive Director,
Regional Initiatives and Neighborhood Program Director 


Sergiy is involved in political studies since 2001 and has the experience of working for the Secretariat of the Parliament of Ukraine, scientific research institutions under the President of Ukraine and under Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. Besides, he was involved in the project implemented by national and international think tanks in Ukraine and in the area of Eastern Partnership.

Among the organizations and structures Sergiy used to cooperate within the capacity of expert, analyst and project manager there are National Democratic Institute, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, NATO Center for Information and Documentation, NATO Liason Office in Ukraine, Black Sea Trust for regional cooperation, Volkswagen Foundation, International Renaissance Foundation. As an expert Sergiy cooperated with Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (HSFK), International Center for Defence and Security (Tallinn, Estonia), International Center for Democratic Transformation in Budapest (Hungary), international Research Company GfK Ukraine and also conducted the research  at Uppsala University (Sweden), Lublin University (Poland), Giessen University (Germany) and National University of Public Service (Hungary). Sergiy is also Board member at Strategic and Security Studies Group.

Sergiy graduated from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy as MA in Political Science and is a graduate of the Estonian School of Diplomacy.

Speaks fluent Ukrainian, Russian and English, intermediate Polish, basic Slovak.

The areas of professional interest:

  • political studies and political process in Ukraine,
  • the activities of think tanks and civil society,
  • regional security and frozen conflicts,
  • transborder cooperation.

Recent Publications

The third Ukrainian Central European Forum will be hosted on 7-8 November 2023

Ukrainian Central European Forum (UCEF)  is a discussion platform bringing together prominent thinkers and pundits from all over the region to spot common challenges and craft common visions for a prosperous Central European future.

Ukraine and Central Europe: Attitudes and Perceptions

This report sums up the result of an opinion poll conducted in Ukraine and 7 countries of Central Europe in October 2022. 

(Українська) Завдання та принципи роботи Європейського Парламенту

(Українська) 23 червня 2022 року Європейський парламент ухвалив резолюцію, якою закликав негайно надати кандидатський статус для вступу до ЄС Україні. Того ж дня Європейська рада надала Україні статус кандидата.

До того Європейський парламент також неодноразово демонстрував лояльність і підтримку Україні у своїх численних рішеннях і резолюціях та використовував менш стриману й обережну позицію у порівнянні з окремим європейськими урядами та Європейською Радою. То чому ж ми дотепер не в ЄС і яка загалом роль Європейського парламенту у процедурі ухвалень рішень ЄС?