Yuliya Kazdobina

Security Studies Program Senior Fellow (information security)

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Security Studies Program Senior Fellow (information security)

Yuliya holds MA in Political Science from the University of Rochester and MA in International and Area Studies from Brigham Young University and a degree in translation/interpretation from Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Former Advisor to the Information Policy Minister of Ukraine (2016-2019), Yuliya coordinated the drafting of the government information strategy for Crimea, adopted by the Cabinet in December 2018. As the head of the Ukrainian Foundation for Security Studies, Yuliya was actively involved in the formation of the Crimea Platform Expert Network. 

Since April 2018, Yuliya heads the Ukrainian Foundation for Security Studies, a small non-governmental think tank working primarily in the area of information security and countering Russian influence. Prior to that, she worked as an expert for the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research. Before July 2014, Julia had worked as an analyst for the US Embassy in Kyiv.

Research interests:

  • countering Russian influence,
  • information policy and information security,
  • Russian strategy in the current conflict,
  • negotiations as hybrid warfare tool,
  • European and Ukrainian security. 

Recent Publications

Ukraine’s integration with the west is about a new security architecture in Europe

Today, Ukraine’s integration into the EU and other western institutions is about the new security architecture on the continent.

Is there an alternative to liberating Crimea from the Russian Occupation?

Rekindling the war not only added urgency to Ukraine’s desire to liberate the peninsula but also put the issue of Crimea back on the table.

NATO should reconsider its policy on Ukraine’s membership

One of the key questions facing NATO on the eve of the 2023 Vilnius summit is whether to offer Ukraine security guarantees, while Ukraine insists that it should be given a clear path to membership.