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Ukraine: 2020 Controversial Results in Politics and Epidemic


The hottest issues in Ukrainian society last year were fighting COVID-19 and attacking corruption infrastructure, with its partial leveling present sometimes.

Three November Challenges for Ukraine: “COVID”, Anti-Corruption and Financial Ones


November provided an abundance of alarming indicators for Ukraine. Against the backdrop of rising coronavirus cases there is also a threat of financial crisis, while the spread of corruption is adding oil to the flame of the crisis clearly seen on the horizon. 

How not to Ukraine Fatigue?


While inside Ukraine October was marked by some political turbulence, in the international arena the situation was quite stable, if not favorable. It seems that Europe is not as tired of Ukraine as Moscow would like it to be.

Ukraine: New Trend of “Economisation” for Domestic and Foreign Policies


Money, budget and economic cooperation are the main focus points of September. It would seem that the budgeting process is neglected, while EBRD forecasts regarding Ukraine are not hopeless. However, there is a risk of reforms rolling back, and a risk of disrupting programs of Ukraine’s international financial partners.

Ukraine on the Brink of New Political Season


Local elections are to take place in Ukraine this fall. Even though the official campaign is yet to be launched, its preparation already promises a hot political season.

Ukraine: Hot July before Political Summer Break


The last month before the political summer break brought some significant developments. The head of Ukraine’s National Bank resigned  which brought about stirring up the currency market. Meanwhile, the attempts to make amendments to the legislation on education spawned tensions in the hot language issue.

Ukraine: economic recession, threats to democracy and dynamic growth in relations with neighbors


This summer brought Ukraine not only the long-awaited heat but also quite hot news and developments. Domestic policy news includes failed government policy, prolongation of the so-called adaptive quarantine under late July and persecution of opposition political leaders.

Neighbors, Partners, Problems – First year of Zelenskyy’s Policy in the EaP region


(Українська) Первый год президентства В. Зеленского позволяет оценить его внешнюю политику в разных направлениях. Хотя год 2019-й и стал для президента периодом адаптации, было сделано достаточно много заявлений и действий, которые позволяют провести определенную оценку его планов в странах Восточного партнерства.

Ukraine: Diplomatic Actions, Financial Expectations and the President’s May Theses


May 2020 saw some positive and negative developments in Ukraine. On one hand, two high-profile international scandals with longtime allies, the United States and Georgia, broke. On the other hand, the issues of financial support from the IMF and the EU were settled.

Oil Crisis: a Window of Opportunity for the Eastern Partnership


Since late 2019 there has been a tendency of lower crude oil prices on the global market. However, on March 9 at London Intercontinental Exchange Brent Crude Futures – North Sea – Wave went down $12 to $35.45/barrel. Brent lost 25,5%.

Corona Crisis in Ukraine: Long-term Consequences are Inevitable


Coronavirus and the economic crisis accompanying it are increasingly affecting Ukrainian politics and economics. Amid the lack of resources, the struggle between political groups is escalating.

Ukraine: In the Shadow of Disasters and Dark Forecasts


For Ukraine, the first three months of 2020 were filled with extraordinary and sometimes tragic events, disasters, and the echo of past tragedies both on the domestic political front and in the international arena.

Ukraine: Turbo regime without visible breakthroughs and fails


As expected, electing president Zelensky, forming a monomajority in the parliament of Ukraine and keeping a turbo regime of taking decisions – all of the above set a high bar. Ukrainian citizens count on success. Yet October brought some unconventional and in some way even controversial developments.

Eurointegration track of the new team in Parliament and Government: Writing one, thinking two?


For the observers of the dynamics of Ukraine-EU Association Agreement implementation, it is important to see how the new team in power plans to move ahead in this sphere. Important indicators include programs and appointments on European integration

Ukraine: New authorities – new challenges


The focus is on the parliament, the new government and its first steps – both inside and outside of Ukraine. The new leaders managed to make several huge achievements. First and foremost, the release of Kremlin prisoners and further economic development.

President Zelenskyy: 100 days on the way to full power?


The lack of power monopoly made Ukraine to stand out during all the years of independence. Presidents had to seek compromise with rebellious parliaments, taking into account interests of big business owners and searching for an approach to regional elites.

Ukraine’s hot political summer


Summer 2019 proved to be quite intense when it came to politics in Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy significantly strengthened his political positions.  First Zelenskyy demonstrated phenomenal results winning the presidency, then pro-presidential political party “Servant of the People” followed up successfully winning snap parliamentary elections

The sad anniversary of Eastern Partnership


Several important events took place in May in Brussels and other capitals of the EU and partner states, aimed at summarizing and celebrating 10 years of the Eastern Partnership. In fact, the list of public and non-public reflections on these got close to a hundred by 2019. Is it worth then looking at them so closely?

Ukraine before “a perfect storm”


There was no peace and quiet following recent presidential elections in Ukraine. Political summer promises to be boiling hot. Vododymyr Zelensky and his team wish to follow up their spring success with early elections and government change.



Ukraine’s second round of elections took place on April, 21 with a well-known showman and comic Vladimir Zelensky winning the presidency. The winner managed to secure 73% of votes while his main opponent, Ukraine’s incumbent president Poroshenko only got 25%.

Digital agenda for the Eastern Partnership region: chasing 2020


Early 2019 marked a series of important developments in harmonization of digital markets for the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries.

Ukraine: The election is over, the economic and hybrid war with Russia is not


The April election in Ukraine overshadowed many important events. The parliament adopted a law regulating the status and the use of the Ukrainian language, while the risk of abolishing the nationalization of PrivatBank could hit the economy. Russia was not inactive either as it impeded the shipments of Russian oil products

Visa-free whip. Prospects of preserving a visa-free regime for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia


EU countries are closely monitoring migration trends, and in the event of a breach of several conditions the visa-free regime for Eastern Partnership countries may be suspended.

Ukraine elects, EU values progress, Russia persecutes crimean tatars


Just like in the past two months, the presidential election dominated domestic politics in Ukraine in March. The results of the election will define Ukraine’s domestic and foreign policy agenda for the years to come. The election turbulence (with the first round on March 31) has become quite threatening in this context.

Can Ukrainian courts break the curse of the least trusted institution?


The judicial reform in Ukraine, which began after the Revolution of Dignity, or the Maidan Revolution, is the most comprehensive in the history of modern Ukraine, and it is for a reason.  

Ukraine: Economic calm and political storm


Looming elections frequently intensify political processes quite dramatically in any country. Ukraine was not an exception. The last winter month was full of significant political events, radical statements and resonant discussions. The society is facing a difficult choice and fighting for electorate is getting more acute.

Public administration reform in Ukraine: A review of accomplishments


Public administration reform is key for Ukraine as all other transformations in the country hinge on it. Implementing any reform before civil service functions effectively seems unthinkable.

Ukraine’s presidential election begins


A new political season has started in Ukraine after the New Year and Christmas lull. The question of power will dominate this season as the official presidential election campaign kicks off in Ukraine

The Assembly of Changes of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum


The Annual Assembly of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum took place in Tbilisi in December 2018. Despite the fact that this event is annual and is rather routine for the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, this time was different in terms of both its format and content.

Are they equal? How Ukraine deals with gender equality issues


Gender equality and anti-discrimination campaign remain on the EU’s agenda. Equality between men and women is one of the key values for the EU and for its Eastern Partnership policy. How is Ukraine fulfilling the gender-oriented provisions of the Association Agreement and of the 20 Deliverables for 2020 working document?

Ukraine: In the Hope of New Victories?


December was a success in improving economic performance and cooperating with international financial institutions. It brought Ukraine a long-expected unification of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, showing that Kyiv can count on the international partners.

Kerch Strait incident and its implications for regional security


It would be easy to say that the whole situation in the Kerch Strait was just an overreaction of the Russian coastal guard, if not details of the attack and consequences of events.

Ukraine: Heading into elections in the context of war


Агрессия России на Азовском море, введение на части украинской территории военного положения, международная реакция на очередную эскалацию российско-украинской войны стали наиболее резонансными событиями ноября, которые сказались на внутренней и внешней политике Украины.

Ukraine: The closer to elections, the farther from Moscow


Ukraine is inexorably drawing closer to presidential and Verkhovna Rada elections in 2019 and that means hot issues have come to the fore in politics in order to grab voter attention. This past month, language, religion and the war on corruption were the focus of domestic policy.

Ukraine: 20 EaP Deliverables progress report


On October 15, 2018, the Foreign Ministers of EU and Eastern Partnership (EaP) member-states met in Luxembourg. The agenda included a discussion of progress in achieving the 20 Deliverables for 2020 that were officially approved at the EaP Summit in Brussels in November 2017.

EP security: EU goals and Ukraine’s promotion


The European Union has clearly defined security priorities according to which it aims to develop its cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries. However, the question remains whether these priorities are also the onces vital for stability and security in the region and partner states and to what extent.

Ukraine: Obstacle driving


In September Ukraine’s movement away from Moscow accelerated noticeably. The bilateral Friendship Treaty between the two countries is terminated, there is a prospect of defining the European vector of foreign policy in the Constitution of Ukraine, and the power of Moscow patriarchate is getting weaker.

Harmonization of digital markets of Ukraine and EU: a bumpy road to innovative future


In order to move to practical productive actions in all spheres of digital harmonization in Ukraine a pool of strategic documents should be developed

The final countdown in the struggle to save the Ukrainian prisoners of the Kremlin


The Russian side rejected the initiative to meet to discuss the exchange of prisoners

Ukraine: Again on international agenda?


Although there were no fundamental changes and breakthroughs, Ukraine was granted with a “candidate” status, with the Alliance leaders recognizing Kyiv’s desire to become a NATO member in the future

From Summit to Summit: Eastern Partnership context In Ukraine-EU relations


The EU is trying to preserve the format of cooperation for six countries and to keep three states that have already signed the Association Agreements in it

20 deliverables for 2020: Where is the Eastern Partnership Heading?


A Joint Staff Working Document  “20 deliverables for 2020” has become yet another attempt to specify the vectors for the EaP development

Ukraine: Economic growth and foreign policy struggle before elections


In the first half of 2018, Ukraine’s domestic policy got a pronounced pre-election tint. At the same time, foreign policy showed the positive dynamics in the relations with the EU, Germany in particular

Eastern Partnership Summit: compromise for the sake of continuation


The 5th Eastern Partnership (EaP) summit in Brussels on 24 November, 2017.

Ukraine: Anticorruption November


November was marked by the “anti-corruption scandals”

Ukraine: New hopes for old partners


The Crimean Tatar leaders and Mejlis representatives, who had been illegally detained in the occupied Crimea, were released and flown to Turkey.

Ukraine: Language controversy with “European advocates”


«Breakthrough” at the Poland–Ukraine border: current opposition shows its readiness for the radical measures for the early elections

From free trade zones to common economic space


Ukrainian, Moldovan and Georgian share in the EU’s foreign trade is still insignificant

Ukraine: Unusual activity instead of summer recess


Ukraine – EU Summit ended with no common statement

Ukraine: Focus on foreign policy


The meeting of President Poroshenko with U.S. President Donald Trump is already a positive result

Ukraine:”Away from Moscow” to Association with Europe


The document on visa liberalization with the EU for Ukrainians was signed

The security situation in Ukraine: Lessons for Eastern Partnership neighborhood and wider Europe


The West put a blind eye on the fact that the Russian Federation never accepted the domination of the Western liberal democratic values and their influence on the world order

Ukraine: Political spring break, economic downturn and waiting for “visa-free regime”


“Ukraine vs. Russia” at the International Court of Justice

Ukraine: Blockade, sanctions and political instability


The arrest of the Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine became one of the first high-profile corruption cases.

Ukraine: Donbas is the main issue on the agenda


After a relative lull in January, February for Ukraine was rich with various events. Most of them had a unifying topic, namely the situation in Donbas and certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Ukraine: A Lull in Domestic Policy in the Context of International Battles


The Ukrainian side outlined clear red lines regarding the solution of the conflict with Russia

What do we know about our neighbours?


We are building a bridge between the Eastern Partnership countries —the intellectual one.

Ukraine: Between Russian Aggression and Internal Challenges


Despite the political instability, Ukraine continued advancing on the path of reforms