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There’s no systematic approach to foreign policy in the government’s program

Presentation of the annual research Ukrainian prism: Foreign Policy 2015 in Odessa

The first Eastern European Summer School for foreign policy researchers

August, 1-5 2016, Odesa, Ukraine

The results of the selection to the Summer University

Congratulatuons to the Ukrainian group of the University


Is electoral security possible on the uncontrolled territories of Ukraine?

Strengthening the role of civil society in the implementation of foreign policy of Ukraine

Round table discussion on May, 20

Scorecards of Ukrainian Foreign Policy

Presentation of the annual analytical paper in Odesa

Eastern Partnership Revisited: A Focus on Ukraine

The Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in February 2014 led to fundamental and still ongoing changes both inside the country and in the region as a whole.

#betrayal and #victory of Ukrainian diplomacy: Expert prospective

Ukrainian fatigue, the lack of positive image, “Minsk-2” process as both major success and greatest failure

Ukraine’s Strategy for building relations with the population of Crimea and Donbass

Russia occupied Crimea against the background of a state vacuum in Ukraine and thedisorientation of the new Ukrainian leadership of the post-Maidan period

The Winter of Our Discontent: Emotions and Contentious Politics in Ukraine

The mobilizing success of the moral shocks is interpreted through introducing the notion of emotional path dependence

Moldavian Maidan: Threats for Ukraine

What should Ukraine think about while neighbour is protesting