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Foreign Policy 2017: Successes and Failures

Results of expert survey on the victories and defeats in foreign policy in 2017

Ukraine – Slovakia Forum III

Ukrainian Prism became an information partner of the Forum

Disinformation Resilience Index: The Baltic States

The study results presentation on the Baltic states’ ability to counter Kremlin-led disinformation campaigns in Tallinn, Estonia

Peacekeeping in the times of war

Expert security debates in partnership with FES Ukraine

V4+Ukraine: fighting or working?

Prsim Security Debates in partnership with FES Ukraine

Ukraine-Moldova: win-win relations?

Presentation of research results in Kyiv and Chisinau

Eastern Partnership Think Bridge in Minsk

Expert round table of EaP countries

Security horizons of V4

Round table in Bratislava on security threats to CEE

Moldova-Ukraine: Competition, Cooperation and Interdependence

Second Round of expert discussion on bilateral relation in partnership with FES-Ukraine

Ivano – Frankivsk: Ukrainian Prism. Foreign Policy

Annual research presentation in partnership with FES-Ukraine

Ukraine-Moldova: Cooperation, Rivalry , Interdependence

Expert round table in partnership with FES Ukraine

Bridging Divide: Forging Cooperation And Fostering Collaboration

Eastern Partnership Think Bridge round table in Yerevan, Armenia, on 14 June, 2017

Eastern Europe and South Caucasus facing a new security environment

(Українська) Круглий стіл EaP Think Bridge в Кишиневі, Молдова

South Caucasus Security Forum 2017

#PrismUA is a partner for Stratpol – Strategic Policy Institute of the #SCSF2017 Tbilisi, Georgia, 20-21 April, 2017

Ukrainian Prism: Foreign Policy in Brussels

Presentation of annual research with FES-Ukraine

Ukraine-Turkey: between values and national interests

Prism Security Debates on April 11, 2017

Ukrainian Prism: Foreign Policy 2016

Presentation of annual analytical research

Diplomatic results of 2016

December 30, Ukrainian Crisis Media Center

Post-Budapest for Ukraine: security garantees

Prism Security Debates, December, 6, Kyiv

EaP think Bridge initiative start

Eastern Partnership countries’ experience in fighting Russian soft power

Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus: Cooperation in complicated realities

International conference, November, 17, Kyiv

25 years of Ukrainian-Belorussian dialogue

International conference

Ukraine-EU cooperation in security sphere

Prism Security Debates

Started working on scorecards of foreign policy 2016

Ready to grade Ukrainian diplomacy 2016

The first Eastern European Summer School for foreign policy researchers

1-5 August, 2016

From Prague to Warsaw: Ukraine – NATO

Prism Security Debates, July, 12, Kyv

Summer University for young professionals

June, 18-25, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

Ukrainian diplomacy scorecards in Lviv

Annual research presentation at the Lviv National University

Strengthening the role of civil society in the implementation of foreign policy

Verkhovna Rada, May, 20, 2016

Euroatlantic solidarity school

Lecture by Ukrainian Prism experts Hennadiy Maksak and Hanna Shelest

Scorecards of Ukainian Foreign Policy in Odesa

Presentation of analytical report in Odesa national university

Discussing European integration with vice prime minister

Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze met the NGO experts

Two years after Maidan

Hennadiy Maksak speaking at the Bratislavské Hanusove Dni festival

Crimea – Two Years under Occupation

The ways of brining occupied Crimea back to Ukraine were discussed by experts

Ukrainian Prism: Foreign Policy 2015

Analytical Study Presentation


Expert discussion on the OSCE role in solving Ukrainian crisis

PRISM SECURITY DEBATES: Ukraine in the UN Security Council

Will the new status help Ukraine to stop Donbas War?

Running Out of Patience? EU – Ukraine/Georgia/Moldova

Who is to blame that Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia move so slowly on the way to EU?

DCFTA Implementation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Presentation of the EaP CSF Regranted Projects and Panel discussion: “DCFTA Implementation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Opportunities”

Ukrainian Prism: Between Strategic Partnership and Security

Expert discussion