Economic diplomacy

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Ukrainian-Hungarian economic relations: Current model and prospects to enhance

The context for Ukrainian-Hungarian cooperation is framed by two contrasting tracks of their geopolitical interests: European integration and Russian. Ukraine’s ultimate choice of European integration marked the start of a new stage of economic relations with Hungary.

Society & Demography: Eastern Partnership Trends

By 2030, the Eastern Partnership countries are likely to be characterised by greater diversity in the area of demography and as a consequence the ‘human’ dimension of development.

Economy & Technology: Eastern Partnership Trends

The Eastern Partnership has proven to be a viable initiative, providing the grounds for a beneficial dialogue, a boost in trade flows between the EU and the neighbouring countries and increasing the overall favourable opinion on the European Union in the six states.

Convergence of the business climate in the EaP countries with the business climate in the EU

This article attempts to assess how close the business climate in Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries is to the business climate in EU countries.


These recommendations are a result of a project “Development of SME strategies and its impact on regional SMEs”

A game for three or every country for itself?

While the countries of the Eastern Partnership are not ready to act as a united region politically, there does not seem to be too many obstacles for launching a pragmatic economic cooperation or even a common economic space