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Ukraine-Australia: Closer than Ever

This report highlights the importance of the bilateral relations between Ukraine and Australia in the changing global context and enhancing security threats globally in light of the full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine. The bilateral relations evolved over several periods. 

Trends 2024: China

Competition with the United States and Washington’s Chinese strategy, as well as the Chinese approach towards Taiwan, will be a critical trend-making factor for the further evolution of Chinese policies,

Ukraine-India: End of the Free Fall of Soviet Legacy?

India has been Ukraine’s biggest partner in South Asia for thirty years. However, proactive relations between India and Ukraine date back to the time of the Soviet Union. Russia’s 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine has had a substantial impact on traditional areas of Ukraine-India cooperation, including the economy, education, and military industry.

Ukraine – the Republic of Korea:  Experience that Unites

South Korea’s experience was as relevant for Ukraine in the early 1990s as it is now, as Ukraine’s government is trying to engage South Korea in the reconstruction effort after the damages caused by the Russian aggression.

Singapore and Ukraine: A Window to the South-East Asia

Ukraine-Singapore relations offer a lot of untapped potential for mutually beneficial cooperation, especially in the spheres of cultural diplomacy, security and economic development. Strengthening ties in these domains can boost Ukraine’s international standing and help the two countries exchange expertise and resources.