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The year 2014 became a watershed for changes in the security discourse in Ukraine, which resulted both in the adoption of new strategic documents and practical steps for enhancing national security and defence. The article presents the evolution of strategic documents in Ukraine since 2010, underlines the main differences between the National Security Strategies adopted […]


The aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine made leaders of the European Union reconsider its relations with Russia, and the key requirement is respect for international law that envisages the restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as to think of the strengthening of its own security policy. In June 2014, the […]

Supporting United Kingdom: Responses to Chemical Attack

NATO has expelled 7 diplomats from Russia’s mission to the alliance and block the appointment of 3 others earlier in March 2018. Ivan Us, an associate expert in the field of international economy at Ukrainian Prism Foreign Policy Council, joined UATV to discuss it in more detail.  

Human rights in Ukraine and the EU response, including relevant activities of the European Parliament

How the European Union and the European Parliament (EP) contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights in Ukraine?

Why Is the US Leaving UNESCO and What Will It Change?

Lately, the US has been shocking the world with a number of unexpected decisions.

Entangled Triangle: What Will Happen with the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement?

The government has been obliged to submit its proposal on the ratification of the AA to the parliament by 1 November

Who is he: a new Secretary General of the UN?

De facto there is no doubt that Gutteres will be the ninth UN Secretary General.

Bratislava EU Summit: Quo Vadis?

Effectiveness of European integration in reforming the country and European Commission’s “carrots and sticks” approach in relation to the Ukrainian government is directly linked to the internal and external reputation of the EU

Russian aggression against Ukraine was a gamechanger for NATO

Petr Lunak from Public Diplomacy Department, NATO HQ

‪#‎Brexit‬ will take Ukraine off the EU agenda

As the British vote for leaving the EU the Slovaks prepare to start their presidency in EU Council and have to reshape the agenda.

NATO and the Future of Ukraine

#FututeNATO – the project of the Atlantic Council before the Warsaw Nato Summit

Visegrad group’s solidarity in 2004–2014: tested by Ukrainian crisis

V4 managed to invent a sort of separate regional identity, distinguishing the group from the long line of countries expressing “European choice” as their priority.