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Belarus “tightens the screws” before the election


Parliamentary and presidential election campaigns are about to start in Belarus, so the authorities continue to “tighten the screws” in the domestic political field and bank on new appointments to the key positions.

Kerch Strait incident and its implications for regional security


It would be easy to say that the whole situation in the Kerch Strait was just an overreaction of the Russian coastal guard, if not details of the attack and consequences of events.

Munich in Minsk: Stating the big regional problem


Minsk hosted the Munich Security Conference Core Group meeting from October 30 till November 1. This choice of location is itself a bad omen for Eastern Europe.

Ukraine: Heading into elections in the context of war


Агрессия России на Азовском море, введение на части украинской территории военного положения, международная реакция на очередную эскалацию российско-украинской войны стали наиболее резонансными событиями ноября, которые сказались на внутренней и внешней политике Украины.

Moldova: Facing European ultimatums


Judging by November’s main developments, the parliamentary elections set to take place on February 24, 2019 in the Republic of Moldova represent a true Rubicon both to local authorities and European partners.

Georgia: New president with new problems


Salome Zurabishvili was the first candidate to have crossed the finish line of the exhausting electoral marathon. Zurabishvili is the first female president of Georgia and the last president elected by direct vote.

Armenia lost its CSTO Secretary General post?


The parliamentary snap elections, attracting great attention within the country, promise victory for the prime minister’s block. In the economy, the reconstruction of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant and the prolongation of the Russian loan for these works became the central issue.

Azerbaijan: Military сooperation with Belarus


In November, foreign policy agenda was dominated by President Aliyev’s visit to Belarus and the memorandum signed between Belarus and Azerbaijan on purchasing military equipment and improving military-technical cooperation.

Armenia moves to special pre-term elections


Using a very complicated scheme, Armenia’s new government is trying to push for a snap parliamentary election. Unpopular but necessary economic measures have led to major protests. Meanwhile, foreign partners have been pleased to work with the new leadership.