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Eastern Partnership Summit: compromise for the sake of continuation


The 5th Eastern Partnership (EaP) summit in Brussels on 24 November, 2017.

Economy in The Eastern Partnership: partners, competitors or bystanders?


No general economic platform for the Eastern Partnership countries can’t yet be discussed.

Georgia: Thriller with terrorists in Tbilisi


In Tbilisi, terrorists fired back at special forces for 20 hours.

Ukraine: Anticorruption November


November was marked by the “anti-corruption scandals”

Armenia: Restoring & repairing relations with the EU


The EU–Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) offers a fresh start for the deepening of the relations.

Belarus: New foreign policy challenges


Instead of the President Vladimir Makei was the head of the Belarusian delegation at the Eastern Partnership Summit

Will Moldova meet the expectations?


On 19, November referendum on dismissing the Chisinau mayor (primar) was initiated by the Socialist party.

Azerbaijan: Adjusting state budget to oil prices


Negotiations on the base agreement between EU and Azerbaijan are still underway

Evolution in Moldova security sector. Prospects for the future


The defence sector was a low priority in the political competition as it provided little political, economic and reputational incentives