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Monitoring COVID-19 Response in Eastern Partnership


EaP CSF is at the forefront of monitoring the situation with the development of COVID-19 in all six EaP countries.

Oil Crisis: a Window of Opportunity for the Eastern Partnership


Since late 2019 there has been a tendency of lower crude oil prices on the global market. However, on March 9 at London Intercontinental Exchange Brent Crude Futures – North Sea – Wave went down $12 to $35.45/barrel. Brent lost 25,5%.

Moldova: Economic Recession Seems Inevitable


In April, the main priority of the Moldovan authorities and society has been the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to limit its economic and social implications.

Georgia Gradually Comes out of Quarantine


Georgia removes quarantine restrictions step by step but getting back to normal life is still a long way to go.

Coronavirus in Belarus: Controversial Decisions and European Solidarity


The authorities’ policy regarding the epidemic is inconsistent, the economy has to rely on emergency loans.

Armenia’s Gradual Reopening


Struggling to manage the coronavirus pandemic, the Armenian government maintained its public health vigilance while also instituting a partial easing of restrictions imposed on the population and businesses due to the crisis.

Azerbaijan: Supreme Court Discharged Two Opposition Members


Public threats of the president I. Aliyev addressed to the opposition did not wither on the vine. The Popular Front Party reported about arrests of its 12 activists. The economic crisis, which results from the pandemic and oil prices drop, already hit the banking sector. Meanwhile, the international negotiations moved into the telephone mode.

Corona Crisis in Ukraine: Long-term Consequences are Inevitable


Coronavirus and the economic crisis accompanying it are increasingly affecting Ukrainian politics and economics. Amid the lack of resources, the struggle between political groups is escalating.

EaP SCF Regranting Cycle 2020


The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum  Re-granting scheme (Financial Support to Third Parties – FSTP) supports the projects of civil society organisations from EaP countries and EU member states.