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Public administration reform in Ukraine: A review of accomplishments


Public administration reform is key for Ukraine as all other transformations in the country hinge on it. Implementing any reform before civil service functions effectively seems unthinkable.

Total victory of revolution in Armenia or another serious challenge?


As impressive as the forced resignation and defeat of the old regime was, the real demands of governance, including the necessity for compromise and concession, represent much more daunting and serious challenges for Armenia

Ukraine’s presidential election begins


A new political season has started in Ukraine after the New Year and Christmas lull. The question of power will dominate this season as the official presidential election campaign kicks off in Ukraine

Moldova: Aleas jacta est!


Even though it is still winter outside, the degree of political heat in the Republic of Moldova is getting higher and higher. On January 25 Moldova saw the start of the race for parliamentary elections set for February 24, 2019

Georgia: Naked truth under the cover of justice


The Chair of Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee Eka Beselia faced large-caliber political weapons aimed at her after announcing the resignation from the post.

Belarus: Between independence and economic benefits


Belarus further tightens control over its domestic political field. Without Russia’s support, the outlook for its economy is gloomy. Meanwhile, the standoff with Moscow switches from open to positional.

A “not so new” Armenian government


Armenia President Armen Sarkisian issued an official decree on January 14 affirming the reappointment of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in the wake of the political landslide in parliamentary elections in December 2018

Azerbaijan: Diplomatic optimism over Karabakh


In January, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan revealed its ultimate goals for 2019 and clarified what  was achieved in the previous year. The foreign policy agenda of the country was dominated by the unofficial meeting of President Aliyev and Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan.

The Assembly of Changes of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum


The Annual Assembly of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum took place in Tbilisi in December 2018. Despite the fact that this event is annual and is rather routine for the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, this time was different in terms of both its format and content.