From Prague to Warsaw: prospects of Ukraine’s membership in NATO, victories, defeats and hopes

July, 12, 2016

Media Center Ukrinform (1 fl.) st. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 8/16, Kyiv

Prism Security Debates

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Welcome to another Prism Security Debates”! Immediately after Warsaw NATO Summit we’ll discuss its results in the expert community.



Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian prism”
Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine

Contact person:
Olga Chyzhova, Communications Director, Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”, 093 57 88 405,

Discussion points:

  • NATO – Ukraine relations after the Warsaw Summit
  • Ukraine as a factor in Alliance – Russia relations:  “buffer zone” or ally in curbing Moscow
  • What formats of non-military cooperation with NATO should be a priority for Ukraine ?

Head of the Board, Foreign Policy Concil Ukrainian Prism

Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze

vice-prime minister on European integration

Segriy Gerasymchuk

Foreign Policy Concil Ukrainian Prism

Alexander Vinnikov

Director of the Office, NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine

Serhiy Shutenko

Directorate General for International Security, MFA of Ukraine

Mariia Koval

project coordinator, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Ukraine

Vitaliy Martynyuk