Reaction of the neighbouring countries to the Russian attack

(Українська) Позачергові дайджести #щотамусусідів. Реакції найближчих до України країн на напад Росії.

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⚡️ The Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people continue to resist new and new attacks of the Russian occupiers in various directions. Ukraine appreciates all the assistance provided by international partners. However, for security and freedom, Ukraine NOW NEEDS MOST from NATO a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Such actions will help protect Ukraine from Russian jets, drones, and missiles.
💥 Ukrainian Prism has prepared a digest of the reaction of the neighboring countries to the Russian attack.
Poland 🇵🇱
President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki condemned Russia’s offensive. The head of government said that Europe and the whole free world must act immediately to stop Putin. He supported the toughest sanctions against Russia and added that assistance to Ukraine should be real.
⚡️Later, Poland supported a wide range of economic and political sanctions within the European Council. In particular, there is a ban on Russian elites to keep their assets in the EU, measures against the renewal of Russia’s oil refining complex, a ban on the sale of aircraft, parts and aircraft equipment to Russian companies.
The National Bank of Poland also decided to allocate almost $ 1 billion to Ukraine. Also, the Polish national football team will not go to Russia for the World Cup playoffs.
⚡️ Poland, following Britain, is closing the airspace to Russian airlines. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki instructed the government to prepare a corresponding order. Consequently, planes from Russia will not be able to land in Poland or fly over the country to other countries.
Slovakia 🇸🇰
President Zuzana Čaputová and Prime Minister Eduard Heger condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok said Ukraine had helped open their eyes. Slovakia also supported sanctions of the European Council against Russia. In addition, Bratislava allocated 100 thousand euros to help Ukraine.
Hungary 🇭🇺
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that, together with NATO allies, Hungary condemned Russia’s attack. Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó stressed that his country supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. At the same time, Viktor Orbán stated that his country should stand out from the conflict because the greatest value for his government is the security of Hungarian citizens.
Hungary joined yesterday’s European Council sanctions. At the same time, according to CNN, Budapest was one of four European capitals that did not support Russia’s immediate disconnection from the SWIFT system.
Moldova 🇲🇩
The Russian attack on Ukraine was condemned by the leadership of the Republic of Moldova and caused a state of emergency there. Chisinau has also announced a total ban on flights over the country and is closely monitoring the preparation of cabbages in Transnistria.
At the same time, Moldova is open to refugees from Ukraine who want to transit or seek refuge in Moldova itself. About 4,000 people crossed the border on Thursday.
The Jewish community of Moldova is ready to provide assistance to Jews and citizens of Israel from Ukraine. Moldova’s chief rabbi has said they have prepared for the crisis, chartered a bus fleet, and are ready to help thousands of those leaving the war zone.
Romania 🇷🇴
Romania also condemns Russia. During an extraordinary meeting of the Security Council on February 24, Romanian President Klaus Johannis said that Russia had chosen a completely illegal path of mass military violence against an independent and sovereign state. Romania has also opened up to refugees. Romanian Defense Minister Vasile Dincu has said the country is ready to accept up to half a million Ukrainian refugees.
The Romanian Joint Foundation, with the support of the Romanian Embassy in the United States, has also launched the Ukrainian Peace Foundation, which raises funds to support Ukrainian refugees in Romania. The purpose of the fund is to raise at least 100 thousand dollars.
Czech Republic 🇨🇿
The Czech Republic went even further. Prague recalled its Ambassador from Moscow, closed Russian consulates on its territory, and banned Russian airlines from flying over its territory.
The Czech national football team will not go to the World Cup playoffs in Russia.
Bulgaria 🇧🇬
Bulgaria also declared Russia’s military action unacceptable. Prime Minister Kirill Petkov has announced that his country supports the position of allies with NATO and the EU, and the reception of refugees of Bulgarian origin is a priority for Sofia. However, the Bulgarian socialists excelled. They demonstratively refused to condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine.
And one more thing: hundreds of citizens from neighboring countries write and call, put pressure on their governments, are ready to help and accept those who need it the most.
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