Ukrainian Prism: Foreign Policy 2016

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Ukrainian Prism: Foreign Policy 2015

Dear friends,

We are pleased to present you the second issue of the annual analytical paper “Ukrainian Prism: Foreign Policy 2016”, which is a systemic evaluation of the foreign policy of Ukraine. The experts of the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” in partnership with the Regional Representation of Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine have evaluated the progress in implementation of the foreign policy of Ukraine during the last year, taking into consideration holistic approach and core principles of democratic governance.

This year the methodology has been improved in the light of the last year’s expert discussions, as well as based upon the results of numerous presentations of the report at the analytical and academic institutions in Ukraine and abroad. You can notice the increased number of geographical and functional directions of the Ukraine’s foreign policy, which have been analyzed.

Bearing in mind the fact that the year of 2015 is considered as a “starting point” and a “zero year” for evaluation process, in 2016, due to some factors of internal and external character, performance indicators have somehow decreased. The external factors comprise global and regional political transformations, and as for the internal factors, the experts mentioned the decreased level of coordination in terms of taking and implementing foreign policy decisions, as well as the lack of strategic approach to their formation.

Majority of the previous year recommendations have been not duly reflected in the intentions and activities of the Ukrainian high officials, which indicates the necessity to intensify advocacy work of the expert community.

We hope that the mentioned analytical report will be of practical interest for experts, diplomats, government and public leaders, who engage with the foreign policy of Ukraine.

Hennadiy Maksak,

Chairman of the Board, Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”

Head of the “Ukrainian Prism: Foreign Policy 2016” project

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G -7 countries cooperation

В+ United Kingdom

В- Italy

В+ Canada

В+ Germany


C+ France

В- Japan

European Integration

В+ European Union

C+ Eastern Partnership

В Visegrad Group (V4)

C- European Energy Community

Euroatlantic integration

A- Euroatlantic integration

Build-up international support on countering Russian aggression

B+ Build-up international support on countering Russian aggression

Economic Diplomacy

B- Economic Diplomacy

Bilateral relations

B- Belarus

C- Georgia

C Israel

C- Iran

C- China

B Lithuania

C- Moldova

B+ Poland

C+ Romania

B- Slovakia

A- Turkey

C+ Hungary

C- Russian Federation

Regional Cooperation

C- Asia-Pacific Region

C Middle East

C Western Balkans

C Baltic States

C Northern Europe

D+ Latin America

C- South Asia

C- Sub-Saharan Africa

D+ Central Asia

C- Black Sea Region

International Organizations

A- United Nations

B Council of Europe


Multilateral Initiatives

B Human Rights

D+ Climate Change

C+ Nuclear Non-proliferation

C+ International Security

Public Diplomacy

C+ Public Diplomacy