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The 2024 scenarios for the global security order will be shaped by a significant number of variables driven both by domestic developments in the key actors and their foreign policy choices.


Regional politics throughout Latin America and the Caribbean would be influenced by four main interconnected dimensions: electoral, socio-economic, environmental and a dimension of foreign interference

Trends 2024: Russia

2024 will be a year of relative strengthening of President Putin’s regime. As a result, the Russian president will further move away from the role of referee in relations between influence groups within Russian political elites.

Trends 2024: China

Competition with the United States and Washington’s Chinese strategy, as well as the Chinese approach towards Taiwan, will be a critical trend-making factor for the further evolution of Chinese policies,

Trends 2024: European Union

The 2024 elections are intended to reset the EU institutions and establish a new long-term agenda for the Union for the next five years.

Trends 2024: United States

United States political trends lie within three key dimensions: leadership type, stability of the election process and stance towards competitors and threats.

Scenarios and trends 2024: International relations

The analysis of trends and scenarios in the development of the international political situation in 2024

Ukraine-India: End of the Free Fall of Soviet Legacy?

India has been Ukraine’s biggest partner in South Asia for thirty years. However, proactive relations between India and Ukraine date back to the time of the Soviet Union. Russia’s 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine has had a substantial impact on traditional areas of Ukraine-India cooperation, including the economy, education, and military industry.

The Security Risks from the Republic of Belarus: Ways of Minimization

After the beginning of the large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the strategic importance of Belarus, which remains the only Russian formal ally in Europe, has significantly increased. Due to this, there is a need to increase attention and efforts of Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania aimed at reducing Russian influence in Belarus and creating prerequisites for possible democratic transformations.

Ukraine – the Republic of Korea:  Experience that Unites

South Korea’s experience was as relevant for Ukraine in the early 1990s as it is now, as Ukraine’s government is trying to engage South Korea in the reconstruction effort after the damages caused by the Russian aggression.

Singapore and Ukraine: A Window to the South-East Asia

Ukraine-Singapore relations offer a lot of untapped potential for mutually beneficial cooperation, especially in the spheres of cultural diplomacy, security and economic development. Strengthening ties in these domains can boost Ukraine’s international standing and help the two countries exchange expertise and resources.

Is there an alternative to liberating Crimea from the Russian Occupation?

Rekindling the war not only added urgency to Ukraine’s desire to liberate the peninsula but also put the issue of Crimea back on the table.