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Eastern Partnership Revisited: A Focus on Ukraine

The Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in February 2014 led to fundamental and still ongoing changes both inside the country and in the region as a whole.

Ukraine-Romania: new page in relations

Ukraine’s relations with the neighbor recently gotten considerably warmer

#betrayal and #victory of Ukrainian diplomacy: Expert prospective

Ukrainian fatigue, the lack of positive image, “Minsk-2” process as both major success and greatest failure

Ukraine in the Black Sea region after anexation of Crimea: position and interests

For decades Ukraine has not effectively capitalized on its regional cooperation potential due to its lack of objective conditions, and its political will

Ukraine’s Strategy for building relations with the population of Crimea and Donbass

Russia occupied Crimea against the background of a state vacuum in Ukraine and thedisorientation of the new Ukrainian leadership of the post-Maidan period

Perspectives of Bilateral Relations of Ukraine with Neighbouring Countries

Although Ukraine has concluded cooperation agreements with all the neighbouringstates, many sensitive issues still remain on the bilateral agenda

Visegrad group’s solidarity in 2004–2014: tested by Ukrainian crisis

V4 managed to invent a sort of separate regional identity, distinguishing the group from the long line of countries expressing “European choice” as their priority.

State of Minsk agreements implementation

European Councilhas agreed that the duration of the economic sanctions against Russia shall be linked to the complete implementationof the Minsk agreements

After the Ukrainian crisis: Is there a place for Russia?

While Kiev considers it a Russian–Ukrainian conflict, Moscow perceives it as a Russian–West confrontation

Ukraine-OSCE: How to improve cooperation?

Short video-conclusions from our Prism Secuity Debates on Ukraine-OSCE cooperation

The Winter of Our Discontent: Emotions and Contentious Politics in Ukraine

The mobilizing success of the moral shocks is interpreted through introducing the notion of emotional path dependence


External challenges in the form of an oil embargo in 1973, the above-mentioned “gas crisis” and the necessity to ensure energy imports have little effects on European foreign energy policy