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Чи достатні та адекватні кроки ЄС у сфері оборони, щоби зупинити агресора та забезпечити перемогу і спокій на континенті?

Georgia: Visions and Prospects of Eastern Partnership Policy after 2020

For the past years Georgia has been in a downward spiral vis-a-vis its European integration goals largely due to its deteriorating state of democracy, undermined rule of law and government’s reckless bashing of dissent.

Azerbaijan: Visions and Prospects of Eastern Partnership Policy after 2020

Relations of the European Union with Azerbaijan are based on the principles of equality. Notwithstanding bilateral relations with the EU taking precedence over the course of history, the EaP Multilateral Platform expanded the scope of relations enabling Azerbaijan to exchange views on issues of mutual interests and launch various initiatives.

Armenia: Visions and Prospects of Eastern Partnership Policy after 2020

Among those who believe that Armenia is heading to a right direction 82% characterized EU-Armenia relations positively, while among those who believe that Armenia is heading to a wrong direction the percentage is much lower – 58%.

Eastern Partnership after 2020: Perceptions and Visions

Nowadays, an analysis of what has been achieved within the framework of the Eastern Partnership, as well as its new conceptual setting, is desperately needed.


The rapid changes necessitated by the Russian aggression made the member states re-evaluate many of the provisions, and renegotiate the new Strategic Concept 2022 within an extremely short period. 

Black Sea Security after the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Views from Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan

The policy paper is an outcome of collaborative research project about the Black Sea Security among scholars from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

European security after Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine

This commentary by Hanna Shelest looks at the future of Europe’s security architecture after the Russia-Ukraine war.

Ukraine – Romanian Perspectives of Maritime Cooperation

With the Russian blockade of the Black Sea and rapprochement in Ukraine-Romania and Ukraine-EU/NATO relations, there is a new window of opportunity to boost such cooperation, including long-term perspectives.

Policy Brief: The reaction of the Black Sea countries on Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine: analysis of the objections

The states of the Black Sea basin are in a particular position in the context of Russian aggression. For geographical reasons and history, Russia seeks to maintain the region’s political and economic leadership.

The Prospects of Cooperation between Ukraine and Romania within 3 Seas Initiative

The expectations of the founding countries are not vain due to the high potential of the region which by area represents almost a third of the European Union and is home to 111 million people.

100 days of war: 13 000 000 UAH raised for humanitarian needs of Chernihiv

At this difficult time, we consider it our duty not only to fight on the information front, disseminating reliable and well-founded information and expertise about Russia’s war against Ukraine, but also to help our country and the city avoid a humanitarian crisis.