EU helps EaP fight COVID-19

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Even though  COVID-19 is spreading at different rates in the Eastern Partnership region, the impact of the pandemic on the economic development and the populations of the six EaP countries will have long term implications. The European Union and its Member States along with other countries announced their financial support and have sent their in-kind contributions to the Eastern Partnership region. We, in EaP CSF, are monitoring the amounts and the types of foreign aid offered and have  developed a visual chart for tracking it. The EU has allocated €956 million as bilateral and regional response, by far the highest support to the countries of the Eastern Partnership, followed by the United States. With this chart we aim to present different types of contributions in perspective, leaving no space for possible misinformation in times of crisis.


COVID-19 in uncontrolled territories of Ukraine

The outbreak of coronavirus has had serious implications on the uncontrolled territories of Ukraine. In our newest episode we discuss how coronavirus puts pay to international expectations for settlement in Donbas conflict, what Kyiv is doing to help the residents of the uncontrolled territories, and how the COVID-19 outbreak will impact the government. The guest of Upside Down Podcast is  Hanna Shelest, takes stock and provides her views on the areas to which the EU should pay more attention.