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Munich in Minsk: Stating the big regional problem


Minsk hosted the Munich Security Conference Core Group meeting from October 30 till November 1. This choice of location is itself a bad omen for Eastern Europe.

Azerbaijan: Military сooperation with Belarus


In November, foreign policy agenda was dominated by President Aliyev’s visit to Belarus and the memorandum signed between Belarus and Azerbaijan on purchasing military equipment and improving military-technical cooperation.

Azerbaijan invests big in Turkey


Azerbaijan’s domestic agenda was dominated by the Sixth International Humanitarian Forum, which drew 581 representatives from 86 countries and 24 international organizations to Baku in late October.

Caspian Sea status. The Long-awaited Convention


On August 12, after years of discussion, the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea was finally signed in Aktau, Kazakhstan.

Azerbaijan getting closer to Russia?


The Constitutional Court verdict regarding the dollar-denominated loans, taken out before the devaluation of manat, has driven the borrowers into despair. Meanwhile, the country’s foreign policy was dominated by reciprocal visits of Azerbaijani and Russian leaders.

Azerbaijan: Demonstrative release of activist


Releasing Mammadov before Merkel’s visit the government was trying to prevent possible criticisms about political prisoners

Azerbaijan: Ganja mayor assassinated


During the demonstrations, two high-ranking police officers were stabbed to death, 40 demonstrators detained

Azerbaijan: Calm struggle


In 2018, the main challenge for Azerbaijan is maintaining recovery momentum and reinforcing economy’s resistance to external shocks

Azerbaijan: Adjusting state budget to oil prices


Negotiations on the base agreement between EU and Azerbaijan are still underway

Azerbaijan: Human rights in the spotlight


European parliament is calling for an investigation into the case of alleged corrupt relations between Azerbaijani and Council of Europe officials

Azerbaijan: Activists released under international pressure


The increased development of relations with the EU have played an important role in the release of the jailed activists

Azerbaijan: Political changes to come?


Last standing independent media outlet Turan is closed in Azerbaijan after the arrest of its editor Mehman Aliyev

Stronger energy security platform for EaP region


Energy ties became the decisive factors for the post-Soviet countries in their decision to take a path either to Moscow or towards the Western, liberal democracies

Azerbaijan: New challenges of oil prices instability


The Azerbaijani domestic agenda in May was yet again overshadowed by the escalation of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Azerbaijan: New low in relations with Russia


Azerbaijan drops out of negotiations on buying a share of Greek national gas transmission system operator DESFA

Azerbaijan: Economy decline and Russian military support


Russia delivered a new batch of modern weapons and military equipment to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan: Fight for banking sector


The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Board votes for the suspension of Azerbaijan’s membership

Azerbaijan: On the way to economic recovery?


In February Azerbaijan experienced the first signs of economic recovery: following oil prices, national currency rate went up. Meanwhile, new appointments and structural changes promise the intensification of reforms

Azerbaijan: Tensions in relations with Armenia


The conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh dominated the public agenda again

Azerbaijan: Belt-Tightening and Balancing Foreign Policy


Human rights issues created complications for the relations between Western Countries and Azerbaijan