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Eastern Partnership in the Next Decade: Focus on Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine


The EU demonstrated continued commitment to deepening its relationship in particular with the three EaP partners implementing Association Agreements.

Azerbaijan: All Efforts to Ensure Karabakh Recovery


Azerbaijan plans reviving the freed territories in Karabakh in 2021.

EaP Civil Society Forum news November 2020


The 12th Annual Assembly – “EaP beyond 2020: renewing commitments to rights, security, and the green agenda“, will be held online on December 7-10, 2020, bringing together more than 300 CSOs and EaP and EU decision-makers to explore the contours of the EaP policy beyond 2020.

Azerbaijan: War Ended in a Victory


In November the war to liberate the occupied territories of Azerbaijan remained the main topic on the agenda of the country’s domestic and foreign policies. 

Presidential Elections in Moldova: Interim Success of Maia Sandu


According to the results of the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, the former prime minister and leader of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) Maia Sandu won with 57.72% of votes.

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum News October 2020


While most of the Eastern Partnership countries adopted a similar range of measures to slow the spread of the virus at the beginning of the crisis in March 2020, their approaches have diverged quite significantly when it comes to reopening the economy and society.

Eastern Partnership as a Test of the EU’s Commitment to Conflicts Resolution


The European Union takes a keen interest in strengthening its presence in the region as a mediator and partner in conflict resolution since the launch of the European Neighborhood policy and subsequent reformatting of relations with the Eastern European and South Caucasian states into the Eastern Partnership policy.

Azerbaijan: Internal Problems Postponed for the War


In October, all domestic and foreign policy in Azerbaijan was associated with military operations to vacate the occupied territories in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Azerbaijan: State of War and Military Mobilization


A full-scale military operation of Azerbaijani forces started on September 27. However, the signs of future large-scale military operations have been obvious since the beginning of the month.

Coronavirus Сrush Test: Disinformation Resilience of the EaP States and Romania


The rampant flood of disinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic turns out to be a test for state disinformation resilience.

The EaP CSF Steering Committee condemns the illegal detention of members of the Forum


The EaP CSF Steering Committee strongly condemns the unjustified and illegal detention of EaP CSF members Andrei Yahorau and Irina Sukhy.

Azerbaijan: Wedding Turning into Political Scandal


The wedding of the granddaughter of the president’s administration “grey cardinal” resulted in a high-profile political scandal in the country. As for international environment, all processes are still revolving around July border clashes with Armenia. 

Belarus Elections: International Implications


How Europe, Russia, and the Eastern Partnership countries react to news from Belarus: torture, rape, and murder of peaceful demonstrators.

Azerbaijan: Authorities’ War on Two Fronts


In July domestic and foreign policies in Azerbaijan were all about the military actions that took place on the state border with Armenia.

Border Tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan: Military and Political Implications


On July 12, 2020, the situation on one border between Armenia and Azerbaijan dramatically deteriorated and resulted in clashes. Such large-scale actions have not taken place since April 2016 (the events known as the “four-day war”).

Azerbaijan Condemns Police actions, both Russian and Domestic.


The actions of the local police while detaining those breaking lockdown rules in Baku resulted in public outrage. The same reaction followed in response to the violence shown by Russian forces to Azerbaijan citizens who cannot return to their homeland due to the lockdown and are forced to stay in a tent camp at the border with Dagestan.

June of High Level and Low Content


June 2020 was fruitful in events directly related to the Eastern Partnership policy development.

Eastern Partnership News


The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Secretariat took part in a solidarity action to support Belarus, organised by the Member of European Parliament, Petras Austreviciuson, on 1 July.

EU helps EaP fight COVID-19


Even though  COVID-19 is spreading at different rates in the Eastern Partnership region, the impact of the pandemic on the economic development and the populations of the six EaP countries will have long term implications. The European Union and its Member States along with other countries announced their financial support and have sent their in-kind […]

Azerbaijan: Continued Arrests of Opposition and Executives


May in Azerbaijan was full of arrests: both executives charged with corruption and opposition activists alike. As for country’s economy, serious pandemic aftermath is already on its way.

Monitoring COVID-19 Response in Eastern Partnership


EaP CSF is at the forefront of monitoring the situation with the development of COVID-19 in all six EaP countries.

Azerbaijan: Supreme Court Discharged Two Opposition Members


Public threats of the president I. Aliyev addressed to the opposition did not wither on the vine. The Popular Front Party reported about arrests of its 12 activists. The economic crisis, which results from the pandemic and oil prices drop, already hit the banking sector. Meanwhile, the international negotiations moved into the telephone mode.

EaP SCF Regranting Cycle 2020


The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum  Re-granting scheme (Financial Support to Third Parties – FSTP) supports the projects of civil society organisations from EaP countries and EU member states.

Eastern Partnership vs. Coronavirus: test for democracy


Eastern Partnership countries responded to COVID-19 pandemic very differently. For some, the virus has become an impetus to mobilize resources and consolidate society. For others, is served at as excuse for the next round of repressions against the opposition.

Azerbaijan: Snap Elections and New Opposition Accusations


Early elections, new opposition arrests, drop in oil prices and threats to use the pandemic for a crackdown on opposition are scenes for the start of the year in Azerbaijan.

Outlook for Eastern Partnership: view from the inside


The anniversary year of the Eastern Partnership is a time not only to take stock of the success of European Union policy, but also to look into the future. The expectations from the cooperation and ambitions of the six participating countries vary widely: from carefully maintaining a distance in political matters to full integration into […]

Azerbaijan: Brutal use of force against peaceful protesters


October was a critical month in Azerbaijan in terms of domestic policy. In late October, two rallies were held against the lack of democracy and violence against women. These protests were followed by personnel and structural changes in the government.

Azerbaijan: Focusing on economy


In September, the domestic policy of Azerbaijan remained stable. Country’s economy was rated as Top-20 Improvers in Doing Business Ranking of the World Bank. The country is strengthening its economic ties with Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Azerbaijan: Human rights never a priority


(Українська) Азербайджан был активен на международной арене этим летом. Делегация Азербайджана посетила Первый Каспийский экономический форум, а Иран и Азербайджан приняли решение создать совместную промышленную зону для укрепления торговли между двумя странами. На внутренней повестке Азербайджана доминировали новые обвинения в уклонении от налогов против известной журналистки Хадиджи Исмаиловой

Armenia: Crisis within the government


Armenian domestic agenda in May was overwhelmed by the judiciary reform developments. EU promises of support dominated in the economy. Meanwhile, foreign policy focused on the peace process with Nagorno Karabakh.

Azerbaijan: Tensions with Georgia over the borderline


In May, Azerbaijani Minister of Agriculture paid an official visit to France and met with his French counterpart to discuss agricultural issues. Foreign policy agenda of the country was dominated by a border dispute with Georgia.

Azerbaijan: Domestic calm, international activity


In April the foreign policy agenda of Azerbaijan was dominated by the first formal meeting between Aliyev and Pashinyan in Vienna. In spite of happening in a positive and constructive environment, this meeting is considered inconclusive with no tangible results.

Azerbaijan: Political prisoners released in mass pardon


In March, to the great surprise of Azerbaijani people and the international community, 400 people including 51 political prisoners were released. The economy agenda of the country was dominated by the meeting of Azerbaijan and Russian ministers over gas issues.

Azerbaijan: Inflation rate on the rise


(Українська) В феврале правительство Азербайджана приняло решение увеличить размеры минимальных зарплат и пенсий. Однако данное решение вместе с изменениями в Налоговом кодексе и ростом акцизного сбора на импортные товары привело к росту уровня инфляции. 14 февраля в стране ввели упрощенную электронную систему сельского хозяйства.

Azerbaijan: Diplomatic optimism over Karabakh


In January, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan revealed its ultimate goals for 2019 and clarified what  was achieved in the previous year. The foreign policy agenda of the country was dominated by the unofficial meeting of President Aliyev and Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan.

Investors leave Azerbaijan


In December, President Ilham Aliyev approved the state budget for 2019. Although revenues increased by 3.5% compared to 2018, the state budget deficit is expected to widen

Munich in Minsk: Stating the big regional problem


Minsk hosted the Munich Security Conference Core Group meeting from October 30 till November 1. This choice of location is itself a bad omen for Eastern Europe.

Azerbaijan: Military сooperation with Belarus


In November, foreign policy agenda was dominated by President Aliyev’s visit to Belarus and the memorandum signed between Belarus and Azerbaijan on purchasing military equipment and improving military-technical cooperation.

Azerbaijan invests big in Turkey


Azerbaijan’s domestic agenda was dominated by the Sixth International Humanitarian Forum, which drew 581 representatives from 86 countries and 24 international organizations to Baku in late October.

Caspian Sea status. The Long-awaited Convention


On August 12, after years of discussion, the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea was finally signed in Aktau, Kazakhstan.

Azerbaijan getting closer to Russia?


The Constitutional Court verdict regarding the dollar-denominated loans, taken out before the devaluation of manat, has driven the borrowers into despair. Meanwhile, the country’s foreign policy was dominated by reciprocal visits of Azerbaijani and Russian leaders.

Azerbaijan: Demonstrative release of activist


Releasing Mammadov before Merkel’s visit the government was trying to prevent possible criticisms about political prisoners

Azerbaijan: Ganja mayor assassinated


During the demonstrations, two high-ranking police officers were stabbed to death, 40 demonstrators detained

Azerbaijan: Calm struggle


In 2018, the main challenge for Azerbaijan is maintaining recovery momentum and reinforcing economy’s resistance to external shocks

Azerbaijan: Adjusting state budget to oil prices


Negotiations on the base agreement between EU and Azerbaijan are still underway

Azerbaijan: Human rights in the spotlight


European parliament is calling for an investigation into the case of alleged corrupt relations between Azerbaijani and Council of Europe officials

Azerbaijan: Activists released under international pressure


The increased development of relations with the EU have played an important role in the release of the jailed activists

Azerbaijan: Political changes to come?


Last standing independent media outlet Turan is closed in Azerbaijan after the arrest of its editor Mehman Aliyev

Stronger energy security platform for EaP region


Energy ties became the decisive factors for the post-Soviet countries in their decision to take a path either to Moscow or towards the Western, liberal democracies

Azerbaijan: New challenges of oil prices instability


The Azerbaijani domestic agenda in May was yet again overshadowed by the escalation of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Azerbaijan: New low in relations with Russia


Azerbaijan drops out of negotiations on buying a share of Greek national gas transmission system operator DESFA

Azerbaijan: Economy decline and Russian military support


Russia delivered a new batch of modern weapons and military equipment to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan: Fight for banking sector


The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Board votes for the suspension of Azerbaijan’s membership

Azerbaijan: On the way to economic recovery?


In February Azerbaijan experienced the first signs of economic recovery: following oil prices, national currency rate went up. Meanwhile, new appointments and structural changes promise the intensification of reforms

Azerbaijan: Tensions in relations with Armenia


The conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh dominated the public agenda again

Azerbaijan: Belt-Tightening and Balancing Foreign Policy


Human rights issues created complications for the relations between Western Countries and Azerbaijan