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Economy in The Eastern Partnership: partners, competitors or bystanders?


No general economic platform for the Eastern Partnership countries can’t yet be discussed.

Belarus: New foreign policy challenges


Instead of the President Vladimir Makei was the head of the Belarusian delegation at the Eastern Partnership Summit

Belarus: Fighting for operation space


No later than May, 2018 the Russian authorities are launching the temporary border control points on the Belarusian-Russian border.

“Zapad-2017”: Belarus between its ally obligations & regional security commitments


“Zapad-2017” drills attracted the unprecended international attention as at least from 2008 Russia instrumentalized its large-scale military maneuvers in order to serve its geopolitical purposes

Belarus: Devaluating status of Russia’s irreplaceable ally


The Foreign Affairs Minister Vladimir Makei yet again introduced “Helsinki-2” initiative in UNO

Belarus: Between “Helsinki-2“ and “Zapad-2017“


Alexander Lukashenko personally controlled the «harvest fight» collecting political points from the rural areas voters

Belarus: Political games of law enforcement agencies


Law enforcement agencies grow power in Belarus

Belarus: China’s most special partner


Partnership with China for Belarus opens the opportunity to hedge its foreign policy risks

Belarus: Balancing foreign policy and reviving the economy


The State of the Nation address was delivered by the President of the Republic of Belarus to the people of Belarus

Belarus – Russia: Crisis is over?


The contradictions between Belarus and Russia have always been fundamental

Belarus: ( No) Freedom Day


Special forces demonstrated the brutality on March 25, on Freedom Day

Belarus: Turbulent February


February turned out to be restless for Belarus. The necessity of long-overdue economic reforms and, as a consequence, the country’s dissatisfaction with its socio-economic situation has resulted in mass protests on the streets of the capital and in the regions.

Belarus: Threats to the Independence and Sovereignty


President Lukasheko’s messages focused on the task of ensuring peace and security for Belarus and its need to «keep the gunpowder dry»

Belarus: Establishing Dialogue with the West and New Components in the State Ideology


Belarusian territory cannot be used by foreign troops for military aggression against neighbouring countries