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Belarus: Lukashenko Threatens with NATO Invasion, COVID-19 Pandemic on the Rise


The government is increasing taxes while admitting budget deficit, street protests are decentralized, and the EU adopts the third package of sanctions. 

Belarus: Lukashenko Сalls on “Taking No Captives” and Closes Borders with the EU


Lukashenko’s press secretary was involved in the incident leading to the death of a protester. The EU introduces new sanctions while social support is reduced. 

Belarus: Violence against Protesters and Diplomatic Scandals


Lukashenko seeks to replace the protest agenda by discussing amendments to the Constitution, Tikhanovskaya presents her ultimatum, European ambassadors leave Minsk.

Belarus: 50 Days of Protests, West Doesn’t Recognize Lukashenko as Legitimate


The protests have been going on for 7 weeks, IT-business is losing $100 thousand daily, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is reinstating her foreign policy legitimacy. 

Belarus: Elections Not Recognized by EU and Society, Protests are Ongoing


Falsified election results and brutal actions of security forces spawn society outrage and revoke Lukashenko’s domestic and foreign legitimacy. 

Belarus: Pre-Election Repressions and Economic Voluntarism


The public uprising was met with unprecedented repressions. The EU sanctions and economic problems caused by voluntaristic decisions of authorities are on the horizon.

Belarus: Wave of Repression at the Start of the Election Campaign


Hundreds of people were arrested and fined while the West criticizes the persecution of politicians and bloggers. In the new government, the security forces replaced the market-oriented staff.

Belarus: Street Parade and Elections in Time of Epidemic


Belarus was cut off from a single Eurasian gas market but won American oil. The election campaign started with detentions, arrests, and fines.

Coronavirus in Belarus: Controversial Decisions and European Solidarity


The authorities’ policy regarding the epidemic is inconsistent, the economy has to rely on emergency loans.

Perfect storm in Belarusian economy


(Українська) Власти сочетают сближение с Западом и внутренние репрессии против своих оппонентов, а белорусскую экономику капитально штормит.

Belarus: Common ground with the US?


(Українська) Внутренняя повестка дня остается сконцентрированной на предстоящих избирательных кампаниях, а подход властей всё ужесточается. А во внешней политике Беларусь делает ставку на диверсификацию и находит общий язык с давними оппонентами. 

Belarus: not choosing between “West” and “East”


Last month saw the launch of campaigns for MPs in both chambers of Belarusian parliament, and the country’s continued active interaction with its partners in the international arena. 

Belarus: Rhetoric changes, the system doesn’t


Parliamentary elections are finally scheduled in Belarus. While the government is walking away from populistic rhetoric in its struggle for the hearts of the voters, nobody expects the parliamentary election to deliver systemic change.

Belarus: The planned elections and an unplanned crisis


May saw a slight decrease in foreign policy activity and intensification of domestic politics in Belarus. This is the result of preparations for the upcoming elections and the reform of the Constitution, as well as the crisis around the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Belarus: The path of mobilization


Belarus has finally decided on the date of the parliamentary and presidential elections. Russia has recalled its notorious ambassador, but its economic pressure continues.

The concept of Belarus information security and its long-term consequences


What Belarus’ new Information Security Concept says and what consequences it will have for the evolution of its political regime

Belarus: In the grip of the negative and seeking the positive


March saw a shift of accents in the work of the government and media in Belarus. Excessive attention to tensions in Belarus-Russia relations in January-February was replaced by an emphasis on domestic and economic policies. However, these accents turned out to be mostly negatively colored as well.

Belarus: Preparation for elections and “freezing” of integration with Russia


In February 2019, Belarusian leadership paid increased attention to the issues of information security. This is a strong signal of the key upcoming election campaigns in the country. The decisions made during this period are both opportunistic and strategic.

Belarus: Between independence and economic benefits


Belarus further tightens control over its domestic political field. Without Russia’s support, the outlook for its economy is gloomy. Meanwhile, the standoff with Moscow switches from open to positional.

Belarus: The Kremlin’s ultimatum


(Українська) В декабре напряженность в отношениях между Россией и Беларусью, которую можно было наблюдать в последние годы, вышла на новый уровень и переросла в открытый конфликт.

Belarus “tightens the screws” before the election


Parliamentary and presidential election campaigns are about to start in Belarus, so the authorities continue to “tighten the screws” in the domestic political field and bank on new appointments to the key positions.

Belarus: All about Lukashenka’s image


The entire country is gradually focusing on the upcoming presidential election. The entire government and bureaucracy, the 2019 budget, and even international relations are all being used to polish up Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s image.

Belarus: Uncertain relations with Russia


Within the given period the relations between Belarus and Russia have become a source of mostly negative news. As for the country’s  domestic policy, there are some significant changes in the opposition, while economic indicators are demonstrating lower figures for the first time over a rather long period.

New government of Belarus: first steps


Changing the government the leader of Belarus was rather close to publicly define Russia as the main challenge to the independence and security of Belarus.

Belarus is getting ready for elections: new government and pressure on mass media


The main task is to achieve the fastest results in the short-term perspective and harden the “control” over independent information flow before the elections.

Belarus: Diplomatic wars with Russia


Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree to extend the visa-free stay for the foreign citizens from 80 countries from 5 to 30 days

Belarus: From unpredictable Kremlin to the West and the East


Belarus authorities began preparations for the presidential and parliamentary elections and tried to ease the protest mood with the financial methods

Economy in The Eastern Partnership: partners, competitors or bystanders?


No general economic platform for the Eastern Partnership countries can’t yet be discussed.

Belarus: New foreign policy challenges


Instead of the President Vladimir Makei was the head of the Belarusian delegation at the Eastern Partnership Summit

Belarus: Fighting for operation space


No later than May, 2018 the Russian authorities are launching the temporary border control points on the Belarusian-Russian border.

“Zapad-2017”: Belarus between its ally obligations & regional security commitments


“Zapad-2017” drills attracted the unprecended international attention as at least from 2008 Russia instrumentalized its large-scale military maneuvers in order to serve its geopolitical purposes

Belarus: Devaluating status of Russia’s irreplaceable ally


The Foreign Affairs Minister Vladimir Makei yet again introduced “Helsinki-2” initiative in UNO

Belarus: Between “Helsinki-2“ and “Zapad-2017“


Alexander Lukashenko personally controlled the «harvest fight» collecting political points from the rural areas voters

Belarus: Political games of law enforcement agencies


Law enforcement agencies grow power in Belarus

Belarus: China’s most special partner


Partnership with China for Belarus opens the opportunity to hedge its foreign policy risks

Belarus: Balancing foreign policy and reviving the economy


The State of the Nation address was delivered by the President of the Republic of Belarus to the people of Belarus

Belarus – Russia: Crisis is over?


The contradictions between Belarus and Russia have always been fundamental

Belarus: ( No) Freedom Day


Special forces demonstrated the brutality on March 25, on Freedom Day

Belarus: Turbulent February


February turned out to be restless for Belarus. The necessity of long-overdue economic reforms and, as a consequence, the country’s dissatisfaction with its socio-economic situation has resulted in mass protests on the streets of the capital and in the regions.

Belarus: Threats to the Independence and Sovereignty


President Lukasheko’s messages focused on the task of ensuring peace and security for Belarus and its need to «keep the gunpowder dry»

Belarus: Establishing Dialogue with the West and New Components in the State Ideology


Belarusian territory cannot be used by foreign troops for military aggression against neighbouring countries