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Georgia: Thriller with terrorists in Tbilisi


In Tbilisi, terrorists fired back at special forces for 20 hours.

Georgia: Local rise for Georgian Dream


Kakha Kaladze with his considerable financial, administrative and domestic party support secured his victory in Tbilici mayor elections already in the first round

Georgia: Waiting for president’s veto


The president is expected to veto a new Constitution, but the parliament will overcome veto

Fiery summer in Georgia


Wildfires in the Borjomi Gorge reached disastrous scale unseen before

Georgia: Seven years waiting for democracy


Georgia completed the construction of the largest hydro power plant

Georgia: Way to NATO


Media protest in Tbilisi after the kidnapping of Azerbaijanian journalist

Georgia: Fighting for new Constitution


Constitutional Commission votes for the new project of Constitution

Georgia: Dancing with wolves to tune of visa free regime


Citizens of unrecognized South Ossetia will serve in Russian army

Realities and challenges of anti-corruption policy in Georgia


Today Georgia is a leader in fighting corruption in the region, and this is confirmed by the international researches.

Georgia: Cyanide and mystical stories


A detective story with a medieval twist including intrigues, poison and an attack on the most important institution of Georgian society, the Church, has become the hottest news of the month. It overshadowed even the long-awaited visa-free regime granted by the European Union.

Georgia: Gas issues with Russia heat up the political landscape


Georgia’s financial loss from the deal with Gazprom is nearly fourfold.

Georgia: Pro-Western Powers Lose Supporters though EU Membership Has No Alternative


Newly elected parliament passed a resolution stating the foreign policy priority is Georgia’s EU membership, without an alternative