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Realities and challenges of anti-corruption policy in Georgia


Today Georgia is a leader in fighting corruption in the region, and this is confirmed by the international researches.


Belarus: Turbulent February


February turned out to be restless for Belarus. The necessity of long-overdue economic reforms and, as a consequence, the country’s dissatisfaction with its socio-economic situation has resulted in mass protests on the streets of the capital and in the regions.


Georgia: Cyanide and mystical stories


A detective story with a medieval twist including intrigues, poison and an attack on the most important institution of Georgian society, the Church, has become the hottest news of the month. It overshadowed even the long-awaited visa-free regime granted by the European Union.


Ukraine: Donbas is the main issue on the agenda


After a relative lull in January, February for Ukraine was rich with various events. Most of them had a unifying topic, namely the situation in Donbas and certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions


Armenia: Preparing for the polls


In February Armenia faced renewed fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh, although the country managed to conclude a new agreement with the EU.


Moldova: Stable instability is the new normal


Despite the efforts made by the government to create the impression of stability in the country, Moldova remains highly divided politically and economically weak.