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Moldova at a Crossroads


2020 has sorely challenged Moldovan citizens with the ongoing pandemic pushing the society to adapt to the upcoming tendencies. The 2020 being an electoral year provided certain optimism for Moldova and its foreign partners with the newly elected president Maia Sandu who stands for the European development vector.

Moldova: New President – New Hopes


November in the Republic of Moldova was marked by the end of the presidential elections saga. A candidate from the Action and Solidarity Party, Maia Sandu came as a winner.

Moldova: on the Finishing Straight


In the Republic of Moldova, October was marked, first of all, by the expectation of the presidential elections scheduled for November 1, as well as by the official start of the pre-election race, while the rest of the news feeds faded into the background or were used for the candidates’  PR activities.

Turmoil in Moldova amid the electoral period, the pandemic and a contested governance process


While Moldovan authorities seem to convey an ‘all is going well, despite the hard times’ message across policies, public statements and official activity, the country is not particularly stable or successful when it comes to the pandemic, political and governance processes.

Is Moldova still “learning” how to be independent and democratic?


August was full of political and social events; some of them have shattered the 29th anniversary of Moldova’s independence on August 27.

Moldova: Economy Remains Fragile and Domestic Stability Volatile


As Moldovan struggle to overcome pandemic continues both in healthcare and economy, political situation heats up in the face of upcoming elections.

Year 1 or Year 0 for Moldovan Politics?


June is already becoming a symbolic month for Moldovan politics. The country witnessed its first full year since the collapse of Vladimir Plahotniuc’s regime and the withdrawal of the Democratic Party from power.

The Moldovan Political Chess Game Started


Last month the Moldovan society witnessed a series of controversial movements on behalf of the decision makers that left many open questions and debates inside the country and beyond.

Moldova: Economic Recession Seems Inevitable


In April, the main priority of the Moldovan authorities and society has been the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to limit its economic and social implications.

Moldova: Point of Return or Going Round in Circles


The political situation in Moldova resembles going round in circles.

180 degree changes or backtracking in Moldova


The 2019 local elections in the Republic of Moldova are not simply local elections. They are not about the regions, cities, or the villages of the country, or about identifying the most competent public administration. It is power and political implications that are at stake. 

Tug of war in Moldova? Dynamics within and outside Moldovan leadership


Moldova’s current leadership celebrated its 100th day in power in September. This milestone is symbolic since both the parliament and the government are moving forward with their main priorities: reforming the justice sector, consolidating state institutions, resuming financial and political assistance from or cooperation with foreign partners, and delegitimizing the predecessors.

New government in Moldova: Test by compromise


The temporary coalition between the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) and ACUM bloc is a compromise decision, the overthrow of the oligarch regime being its main result.

What political changes bring for Moldova


(Українська) Лето стало испытательным периодом для нового коалиционного правительства во главе с М. Санду. Перед новой властью стоят отнюдь непростые, многоплановые задачи, решение которых требует политической мудрости, зрелости и взвешенности подходов.

Moldova: A new round of political games


The intriguing results of parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova will most likely lead to a coalition between the Democratic party and the party of Socialists. The tactical goals of democrats will be achieved, and Moldovan politics will go back to square one.

Moldova: Stalemate — looking for the way out


The way out of the Moldovan domestic politics’ impasse, formed after the parliamentary elections, has not yet been found. The stalemate affects both the economics and the country’s foreign policy.

Moldova: Where the three fight, the fourth wins


The political situation in Moldova has been slowly getting back on track after the February elections. President Igor Dodon met with the leaders of the parliamentary parties to discuss the possibility of establishing parliamentary majority.

Major trends in Moldova’s parliamentary election


The 2019 parliamentary election in the Republic of Moldova was the first vote under the mixed system in the country’s history. Will this eliminate systemic flaws in electoral processes? Will this help the key stakeholders of Moldova’s political landscape to find compromise, or will it bring more conflict into the system of governance? Will this system ?not? create favorable conditions for turning Moldova’s foreign policy towards rapprochement with Russia?

Moldova: Elections are over, what’s next?


he most long-awaited February development in the Republic of Moldova was undoubtedly the day of parliamentary elections. Many hopes were invested, but the new parallel voting system turned out to be a disappointment. A fog of uncertainty is covering Moldovan politics and the main haunting question now is ‘what’s next’?

Moldova: Aleas jacta est!


Even though it is still winter outside, the degree of political heat in the Republic of Moldova is getting higher and higher. On January 25 Moldova saw the start of the race for parliamentary elections set for February 24, 2019

Moldova: Elections are coming


(Українська) Вместе с подготовкой к зимним праздникам в Молдове вовсю идет и подготовка к парламентским выборам, назначенным на 24 февраля. Был сформирован проевропейский и антиолигархический блок «АКУМ» («Сейчас»).

Moldova: Facing European ultimatums


Judging by November’s main developments, the parliamentary elections set to take place on February 24, 2019 in the Republic of Moldova represent a true Rubicon both to local authorities and European partners.

Moldova: Between democracy and authoritarianism


The closer it gets to Moldova’s parliamentary elections February 24, 2019, the more brutal Moldova’s policies become, and more primitive the means used to enforce them

Pro-Moldova policy instead of pro-European


Questions regarding the irreversibility of the Moldovan European path re-emerged in spite of the constant statements from the ruling coalition that Moldova will remain committed to the implementation of the provisions under the Association Agreement.

27 years of Independence or Quo Vadis Moldova?


The celebration of Moldova’s Independence Day was shaded by a series of manifestations

Decline of democracy in Moldova at a glance


The current political crisis confirms the continuous increase of the autocracy level in Moldova and suggests serious drawbacks in the initiated reforms.

Moldova: Endangered European path


The central point of the new National Defense Strategy is the neutrality status enshrined in the constitution of the Republic of Moldova

Is Moldova still on the track of democratic reforms?


During the first half of 2018, the Republic of Moldova consistently lowered its democracy level by undermining fundamental human rights and violating the rule of law.

Will Moldova meet the expectations?


On 19, November referendum on dismissing the Chisinau mayor (primar) was initiated by the Socialist party.

Evolution in Moldova security sector. Prospects for the future


The defence sector was a low priority in the political competition as it provided little political, economic and reputational incentives

Moldova: A setback on reform agenda


Appointing new minister of Defense, Eugen Sturza, triggered battles between the President and the Speaker of the Parliament

Moldova: Internal political discord and democratic process stagnation


The Moldovan military, in spite of the President’s ban, took part in the Rapid Trident exercises within the framework of the NATO Partnership for Peace program in Ukraine

Moldova on the edge of democracy


(Українська) Одним из самых важных событий на внутриполитической арене Молдовы за последние два месяца стало принятие закона о смешанной избирательной системе

Moldova: Mixed electoral saga continues


The most important development on the domestic level is the reform of the Republic of Moldova’s electoral system

Eastern Europe And South Caucasus Facing New Security Environment


The new possibilities for the cooperation with the EU, on the one hand, and the Russian influence that is always present in this part of the world, on the other hand, were the main issues of the round table

Moldova: Authorities Forcing Mixed Electoral System


The President of Moldova Igor Dodon is the only foreign head of the state who participated in the military parade in Moscow

Moldova: Internal political debates, ambivalent economic decisions and ambiguous foreign policy against background of natural disasters


The economic situation was considerably worsened by the abnormal snowfalls in April

Moldova: Meddling through the East – West divide


Debates around the changes to electoral system were the most important development in Moldova’s domestic policy.

Moldova: Stable instability is the new normal


Despite the efforts made by the government to create the impression of stability in the country, Moldova remains highly divided politically and economically weak.

Moldova Between Two Fires: The 2016 Presidential Election and the Balance of Power


Electing Dodon has called into question whether Moldova will continue its pro-Western path or it will look more towards Russia

Moldova: Dodon is moving beyond rhetoric


The first top-level meeting on the territory of Transnistria took place right before President’s trip to Moscow

Moldova: New President & Old Issues


Moldova faced loss of trust as well as reassessment of relations with foreign development partners