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Eastern Partnership Summit: compromise for the sake of continuation


The 5th Eastern Partnership (EaP) summit in Brussels on 24 November, 2017.

Ukraine: Anticorruption November


November was marked by the “anti-corruption scandals”

Ukraine: New hopes for old partners


The Crimean Tatar leaders and Mejlis representatives, who had been illegally detained in the occupied Crimea, were released and flown to Turkey.

Ukraine: Language controversy with “European advocates”


«Breakthrough” at the Poland–Ukraine border: current opposition shows its readiness for the radical measures for the early elections

From free trade zones to common economic space


Ukrainian, Moldovan and Georgian share in the EU’s foreign trade is still insignificant

Ukraine: Unusual activity instead of summer recess


Ukraine – EU Summit ended with no common statement

Ukraine: Focus on foreign policy


The meeting of President Poroshenko with U.S. President Donald Trump is already a positive result

Ukraine:”Away from Moscow” to Association with Europe


The document on visa liberalization with the EU for Ukrainians was signed

The security situation in Ukraine: Lessons for Eastern Partnership neighborhood and wider Europe


The West put a blind eye on the fact that the Russian Federation never accepted the domination of the Western liberal democratic values and their influence on the world order

Ukraine: Political spring break, economic downturn and waiting for “visa-free regime”


“Ukraine vs. Russia” at the International Court of Justice

Ukraine: Blockade, sanctions and political instability


The arrest of the Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine became one of the first high-profile corruption cases.

Ukraine: Donbas is the main issue on the agenda


After a relative lull in January, February for Ukraine was rich with various events. Most of them had a unifying topic, namely the situation in Donbas and certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Ukraine: A Lull in Domestic Policy in the Context of International Battles


The Ukrainian side outlined clear red lines regarding the solution of the conflict with Russia

What do we know about our neighbours?


We are building a bridge between the Eastern Partnership countries —the intellectual one.

Ukraine: Between Russian Aggression and Internal Challenges


Despite the political instability, Ukraine continued advancing on the path of reforms