Monitoring COVID-19 Response in Eastern Partnership

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EaP CSF is at the forefront of monitoring the situation with the development of COVID-19 in all six EaP countries. With our online interactive tool, we provide daily updates on the current numbers of officially registered cases, death rates, the number of tests carried out per million of population. For the moment, Belarus is leading on the number of cases as well as by the number of conducted tests. Azerbaijan is approaching Belarus on a number of tests made. Georgia has the smallest number of deaths and cases out of the six. Ukraine has conducted the smallest amounts of tests relative to the population, Armenia following Ukraine as the second with the smallest amounts of tests.

As part of our response to the pandemic, we have also analysed the most notable civil society initiatives, which have raised in a short time large funds and acquired broad support in their respective countries. Scroll through our page to view some most notable initiatives. 


Upside down – the world after pandemic

Upside down – the world after pandemic” podcast is prepared for you by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. It is part of our wider informative campaign #PrepareEaP4Health, which we have started in light of the outbreak of the pandemic. We collect data on the number of official cases in all six Eastern Partnership countries, analyse the measures taken by the governments, and raise civil society concerns. With this podcast, we would like to talk with civil society experts on the situation on the ground. We managed to release 3 episodes by now and talked about how civil society ensured the freedom of speech in Moldova. From Azerbaijan, we heard about civil society concerns about how some quarantine measures were implemented in the country, violating human rights and civil liberties. We also learned how civil society and businesses mobilized in Belarus to help doctors to cope with increased numbers of COVID-19 patients. Stay tuned for our updates.