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Solidarity Action to Support Belarus

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Secretariat took part in a solidarity action to support Belarus, organised by the Member of European Parliament, Petras Austreviciuson, on 1 July. Statements focusing on Belarus and acts of solidarity in support of the Belarusian people, including letters and video messages by several MEPs, have been made, with and a number of physical demonstrations having also taken place in Brussels. They send an important message to the Belarusian people. The EaP CSF Steering Committee and Belarusian National Platform monitor the situation in Belarus closely, condemning in their recent statement the violence and repression currently being witnessed there.


EaP in the Eyes of Belarus, Georgia and Moldova

The EaP CSF has released in June the last three country reports on Belarus, Georgia and Moldova. The reports provide detailed views of over 220 civil society organisations on the future of the EaP and are part of the structured consultations process launched in October 2019. Respondents from the EaP countries provided insights on economic and human capital development, good governance, and rule of law, EU-EaP and intra-EaP cooperation, boosting EU visibility in the EaP region and strengthening the role of civil society. 


The Lockdown Exit Etrategy in Armenia

As the epidemiological situation gets out of control in Armenia, hospitals do not have enough capacity to manage the new wave, explains Arevhat Grigoryan, a media expert from Yerevan Press Club in the new Upside Down podcast episode. Increasing pressure from political opponents, using the crisis against the government, might have further implications on the post-pandemic political situation in the country, concludes Grigoryan. Listen to the full story here.