Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum News October 2020

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EaP CSF COVID-19 timeline tool 

While most of the Eastern Partnership countries adopted a similar range of measures to slow the spread of the virus at the beginning of the crisis in March 2020, their approaches have diverged quite significantly when it comes to reopening the economy and society, to mitigating the broader socio-economic effects of the crisis, and indeed to responding to resurgences in case numbers. 

 With this in mind, EaP CSF created an interactive timeline, charting the key measures and milestones from the COVID-19 crisis for each of the six EaP countries in the areas of health, economy & society, and rights & freedoms. Whether you wish to compare countries’ approaches, or learn more about the response of one particular government to the ongoing crisis, this tool presents a comprehensive overview of the experiences of the EaP countries at this unprecedented time. The tool is updated weekly on Fridays and covers the period from March 2020 ongoing.


   EaP CSF COVID-19 Briefing Paper: Supporting the viability and sustainability of EaP civil society 

Civil society organisations have been at the forefront of efforts to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Eastern Partnership region. In a crisis which has put the crisis management capacities of the EaP governments to the test, CSOs have stepped up to the plate, mobilising in defence of fundamental rights and freedoms, and in support of vulnerable groups and the economy. In this last COVID-19 briefing paper, the EaP CSF discusses the challenges that CSOs have been facing and how stakeholders can support them. This is the fourth and final publication of our COVID-19 Briefing Paper series covering the challenges that CSOs are facing during this unparalleled crisis, and the ways that key international stakeholders can support the viability and sustainability of the EaP civil society sector going forward. View all publications here


   EaP CSF COVID-19 Re-granting

We received 80 applications to our regranting scheme supporting Forum members’ COVID-19-related activities. The Re-granting will support CSOs working with populations severely affected by COVID and will provide funds to CSOs so they can adjust to new modes of operation. Projects touch upon a variety of issues: legal aid, psychological support to vulnerable groups, addressing needs of persons with disabilities, and building capacity of CSOs affected by the COVID crisis, among others. The selection will be made by evaluators nominated by each NP. Results will be announced by mid-November.