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Georgia’s future in NATO and EU


Georgia and Ukraine have the most promising European prospects following the Balkans.

Harmonization of digital markets of Ukraine and EU: a bumpy road to innovative future


In order to move to practical productive actions in all spheres of digital harmonization in Ukraine a pool of strategic documents should be developed

New government of Belarus: first steps


Changing the government the leader of Belarus was rather close to publicly define Russia as the main challenge to the independence and security of Belarus.

The final countdown in the struggle to save the Ukrainian prisoners of the Kremlin


The Russian side rejected the initiative to meet to discuss the exchange of prisoners

27 years of Independence or Quo Vadis Moldova?


The celebration of Moldova’s Independence Day was shaded by a series of manifestations

Azerbaijan: Demonstrative release of activist


Releasing Mammadov before Merkel’s visit the government was trying to prevent possible criticisms about political prisoners

Belarus is getting ready for elections: new government and pressure on mass media


The main task is to achieve the fastest results in the short-term perspective and harden the “control” over independent information flow before the elections.

Heightened political tension in Armenia


The first of several large units of Armenian interior troops were deployed to border with Azerbaijan

Decline of democracy in Moldova at a glance


The current political crisis confirms the continuous increase of the autocracy level in Moldova and suggests serious drawbacks in the initiated reforms.