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Belarus: All about Lukashenka’s image


The entire country is gradually focusing on the upcoming presidential election. The entire government and bureaucracy, the 2019 budget, and even international relations are all being used to polish up Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s image.

Belarus: Uncertain relations with Russia


Within the given period the relations between Belarus and Russia have become a source of mostly negative news. As for the country’s  domestic policy, there are some significant changes in the opposition, while economic indicators are demonstrating lower figures for the first time over a rather long period.

Caspian Sea status. The Long-awaited Convention


On August 12, after years of discussion, the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea was finally signed in Aktau, Kazakhstan.

EP security: EU goals and Ukraine’s promotion


The European Union has clearly defined security priorities according to which it aims to develop its cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries. However, the question remains whether these priorities are also the onces vital for stability and security in the region and partner states and to what extent.

Georgia: Cannabis smells like politics


(Українська) Неожиданно в центре предвыборных баталий в Грузии оказался вопрос легализации марихуаны. Экономика демонстрирует позитивные тренды. А во внешней политике обострилось противостояние с Россией.

Ukraine: Obstacle driving


In September Ukraine’s movement away from Moscow accelerated noticeably. The bilateral Friendship Treaty between the two countries is terminated, there is a prospect of defining the European vector of foreign policy in the Constitution of Ukraine, and the power of Moscow patriarchate is getting weaker.

Pro-Moldova policy instead of pro-European


Questions regarding the irreversibility of the Moldovan European path re-emerged in spite of the constant statements from the ruling coalition that Moldova will remain committed to the implementation of the provisions under the Association Agreement.

Azerbaijan getting closer to Russia?


The Constitutional Court verdict regarding the dollar-denominated loans, taken out before the devaluation of manat, has driven the borrowers into despair. Meanwhile, the country’s foreign policy was dominated by reciprocal visits of Azerbaijani and Russian leaders.

Emboldened and empowered Armenian government


The popularity of the Armenian government under Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan exceeded expectations by sweeping the municipal election for the capital Yerevan on 23 September.