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Armenia’s revolution continues


On May 19 Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan urged supporters to block the entrance of all court buildings. This was the reaction to District Court’s decision to free the ex-president Kocharian.

The sad anniversary of Eastern Partnership


Several important events took place in May in Brussels and other capitals of the EU and partner states, aimed at summarizing and celebrating 10 years of the Eastern Partnership. In fact, the list of public and non-public reflections on these got close to a hundred by 2019. Is it worth then looking at them so closely?

Ukraine before “a perfect storm”


There was no peace and quiet following recent presidential elections in Ukraine. Political summer promises to be boiling hot. Vododymyr Zelensky and his team wish to follow up their spring success with early elections and government change.

Moldova: A new round of political games


The intriguing results of parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova will most likely lead to a coalition between the Democratic party and the party of Socialists. The tactical goals of democrats will be achieved, and Moldovan politics will go back to square one.

Georgia: Political perspective through a prism of elections in one district


Mtatsminda district elections proved to be a rehearsal for the upcoming parliamentary elections and demonstrated what political battles are to come. “Project of the century” is under threat due to competition. A joint commission on border demarcation between Georgia and Azerbaijan resumed its work.

Belarus: The planned elections and an unplanned crisis


May saw a slight decrease in foreign policy activity and intensification of domestic politics in Belarus. This is the result of preparations for the upcoming elections and the reform of the Constitution, as well as the crisis around the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Armenia: Crisis within the government


Armenian domestic agenda in May was overwhelmed by the judiciary reform developments. EU promises of support dominated in the economy. Meanwhile, foreign policy focused on the peace process with Nagorno Karabakh.

Azerbaijan: Tensions with Georgia over the borderline


In May, Azerbaijani Minister of Agriculture paid an official visit to France and met with his French counterpart to discuss agricultural issues. Foreign policy agenda of the country was dominated by a border dispute with Georgia.



Ukraine’s second round of elections took place on April, 21 with a well-known showman and comic Vladimir Zelensky winning the presidency. The winner managed to secure 73% of votes while his main opponent, Ukraine’s incumbent president Poroshenko only got 25%.